152 mm Howitzer Cannon ML-20


    152 mm howitzer gun-ml-20

    the mid 30s 152-mm gun mod. 1910/34 years. Manufactured by the factory in Motovilikha, already rather outdated and required the development of new GAU artillery system similar caliber. In the first place it was necessary to increase the angle of elevation, to introduce a mechanism of suspension the mast and simplify the technology of production tools.
    New 152-mm guns simultaneously designed two group design plant in Motovilikha: ML-15 was custom-designed GAU, and ML-20 was developed on its own initiative group led by FF Petrov. After state tests, held in late 1936 - early 1937's, it was decided to adopt an instrument ML-20 under the designation of 152 mm howitzer-gun mod. 1937.

    Accordingly, the name of universal artillery system ML-20 combined the properties of howitzers and cannons. In relation to the 152-mm gun mod. 1910/34 years., Which were borrowed from many parts and assemblies, ML-20 and had a number of differences: new lifting and balancing mechanisms, sighting devices, the device changes the length of the rollback and off suspension. Barrel for ML-20, equipped with a muzzle brake, comes in two basic versions: trunk-piece barrel and bonded. Vertical guidance guns carried by the sector lifting device to an angle of 65 °. Piston shutter opens and closes by turning the handle. Counterweight mechanism comprised two speakers located in front shield cover. ML-20 was transported on a gun carriage drawn from the barrel at speeds up to 20 km / h Wide range of used shells made it a truly unique weapon. Shots separately-loading sleeves supplied with 13 variable charges.

    There were 6884 made-gun howitzer ML-20, which entered service units and army artillery artillery RGC. These guns were the main steel broom Red Army offensive operations.

    The performance data of 152-mm howitzer gun-ML-20
    Caliber, mm: 152
    Weight in firing position, kg: 7130
    Barrel length, caliber: 32,4
    GN angle, deg 58
    HV angle, deg: -2, +65
    Muzzle velocity (piercing), m / s: 655
    Rate of fire, rds / min: 3-4
    Max. range, m: 17200

    Country of manufacture of the USSR
    No. 6884 issued copies
    Years 1937


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