152-mm self-propelled gun SU-14-Br-2


    152-mm self-propelled gun Su-14-br-2

    idea of creating a self-propelled artillery chassis tanks was theoretically proved in England, but the first time she received a practical embodiment of the USSR. In the mid-30s in the Soviet Union built various types of self-propelled guns with powerful guns, but they all fell victim to political squabbles in the country. Among artillery systems were rejected by ACS for Airborne based T-37/38 tank, small triplex based on the T-26 and BT-2 and, finally, unprecedented in the world heavy triplex TAON.
    On the surviving self-propelled guns SU-14 remembered the winter of 1939 when the Red Army began to assault the Mannerheim Line. Troops desperately needed a strong fire support Therefore, the two decided to install this type of shield armor plate thickness of 30-50 mm, self-propelled guns that could approach the Finnish pillboxes direct shot at a distance. But Izhorskij factory tightened the supply of armor plates, and the works were completed in March 1940, when the war on the Karelian Isthmus was already over. Nevertheless machine with reinforced armor been run length of 26 km and a whole showed unimportant driveability. When increased to 64 tonnes combat weight of SU-14-Br-2 barely reached speed 22 km / h, the engine was operated with a voltage reversals occurred hard. On completion of transmission of funds have been allocated, and so on the prototype Su-14 due to severe overload limited only to the replacement of rubber tires on metal rollers.

    In 1940, the 152-mm self-propelled guns SU-14 with a gun B-30 and SU-14-1 cannon with Br-2 underwent artillery firing on NIAP were tested in the Kiev Special Military District and then were preserved. In the future, both self-propelled yet had a chance to take part in hostilities. The fall of 1941 with their gun mounts SU-100U was included in the individual heavyweight division task and during the defense of Moscow, they fired from the closed position at the station Kubinka German troops.

    The performance characteristics of the SU-14-Br-2 mod. 1941
    Combat weight, t 64
    Crew. 7
    Maximum speed, km / h: 22

    Option Type Model No. Capacity, l. s.
    1 K M-14F 1680

    Option Type Caliber, mm Model No. Ammunition / 1
    Gun 152 Br-2 1
    DT machine gun 7.62

    Country of manufacture of the USSR
    A developer
    Number of published copies
    Year of adopting 1940


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