152-mm self-propelled gun SU-152


    152-mm self-propelled gun SU-152

    autumn of 1942 at the Chelyabinsk Kirov Plant designers headed by LS Troyanov created on the basis of the heavy tank KB-1c self-propelled SU-152 (CV-14), designed for firing at troop concentrations, long-term and strong points armored vehicles. The fully armored cabin they put on the machine-gun howitzer ML-20 with a barrel length of 26.8 caliber and piston gate. Gun had horizontal angles pointing at 12 ° to the right and to the left, reducing the angle of -5 ° and elevation +18 °. In ammunition, which consisted of rounds of separate loading, there were 48.8-pound armor-piercing and 43.5-pound high-explosive shells. Their initial rates were respectively 600 and 655 m / s, and the rate reached 2.4 shots per minute.
    Baptism of fire self-propelled SU-152 received on the Kursk Bulge. Their appearance on the battlefield was for German tankers complete surprise. These self-propelled perfectly proved themselves in combat with German Tigers, Panthers and Elephanta. Their armor-piercing shells pierced the armor of enemy vehicles, tore off their towers. During that war veterans lovingly called self-propelled heavy hypericum. The experience gained in the design of the first Soviet heavy self-propelled guns, was subsequently used to create such weapon systems based on heavy tanks IP.

    Total in 1943-1944 were manufactured 620 SU-152.

    The performance characteristics of SU-152
    Combat weight, t 45,5
    Crew. 5
    Length, mm 8950
    Width 3250
    Height, mm 2450
    Clearance 440
    Armor, mm 60-75
    Ground pressure kg/cm2 0, 85
    Speed (highway), km / h 43
    Cruising (highway), 165 km
    Rise, deg.
    36 Wall height, m 1,20
    Trench, m 2,50
    Fording depth, m 1,60

    Option Type Model No. Capacity, l. s.
    1 D-2K, 12-cylinder, V-twin, liquid-cooled four-stroke, 600 l capacity. s. at 2000 rev / min. 1600

    Option Type Caliber, mm Model No. Ammunition / 1
    Cannon 152.4 ML-20S 20

    Country of manufacture of the USSR
    A developer CHKZ
    No. 620 issued copies
    Year of adopting 1943


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