152 mm siege gun mod. 1910


    152-mm siege gun mod. 1910

    If the field artillery of the Russian army was superior to the fighting qualities of the First World War field artillery of the enemy, the Russian heavy artillery consisted mainly of obsolete models of the late XIX century. Few instruments meet the requirements of the time, among them - 152-mm siege gun company Schneider built the Putilov factory in an amount of about 50 units. First artillery systems of this type received in troops in February 1915.
    In the stowed position 152 mm gun was transported on two wagons, each of which required five pairs of horses or a tractor. The barrel consists of pipe casing and the connecting nut. Rollback brake - hydraulic, recuperator - hydropneumatic. Shutter piston. Sector horizontal fire guns was 4 °, vertical aiming angles from -5 ° to +40 °. The weak point of the design was fragile carriage equipped with a wooden or metal wheels. At long shooting he was deformed and cracks formed in the details. The structure consisted of ammunition separate loading shots, including high explosive projectiles weighing 38-41 kg and shrapnel.

    In 1923, the Red Army artillery units were 17 152-mm guns, arr. 1910 and 9 had in reserve. Production guns was resumed in the late 20's, and up to April 1930 Putilov factory passed another 19 such artillery systems and switched to production of improved guns sample 1910/30 years. The main differences between the new version of the trunk were equipped with a muzzle brake, and the elongated chamber for new shells. All previously released 152-mm guns altered to the level of the sample 1910/30 years. Until the autumn of 1936 the Red Army had 152 guns of this type.

    Since the carriage was still the weakest design, it was decided to create a new tool by applying the gun barrel arr. 1910/30 years. on the carriage 122 mm gun mod. 1931 Perm factory produced 225 artillery systems such designated 152-mm gun mod. 1910/34 years. .

    The performance data of 152-mm gun mod. 1910
    Caliber, mm: 152
    Weight in firing position, kg: 5771 (on wooden wheels)
    Barrel length, caliber 28
    Muzzle velocity, m / s: 640
    Rate of fire, rds / min: 2-4
    Max. range, m: 12300

    Producer country Russia, USSR
    Number of published copies


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