152mm howitzer fortress arr. 1909 1909


    Journal Artillery Committee on March 9, 1909 reviewed the results of the tests at the end of 1908 - beginning of 1909 152-mm howitzers, heavy Krupp factory Rhine (Ehrhardt), Schneider, Skoda and Bofors. Tests included shooting on Main artillery range and carriage in the artillery officer school.

    Bofors howitzers and Skoda were considered unsuitable for gross order, and the other three, preference is given to Schneider.

    System Schneider was in 1910 entered service under the name of 152-mm howitzer fortress arr. 1909.

    Channel chamber and 152-mm howitzers arr. 1909 allowed to shoot projectiles from it all taken to the 152-mm gun mod. 1877, 120 and 190 pounds.


    152mm howitzers arr. 1909 was conducted at the Putilov and Perm factories.

    In 1930-1931 at the Perm plant was upgraded 152-mm howitzer arr. 1909 Originally modernization was elongation of the bolt to 340 mm by reducing the threaded portion channel to 1660 mm. Weight barrel and bolt has not changed.

    upgraded howitzer had on the housing and on the breech cut inscription elongated chamber. Carriage had no distinguishing marks. Howitzer barrel could be put to any carriage 152 mm howitzer arr. 1909

    upgraded howitzer entered service in 1931 under the name of 152-mm howitzer arr. 1909/30.

    Total 362 howitzers were upgraded arr. 1909. Modernization guns engaged Kiev arsenal.


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