155 mm Howitzer M1A2 (M114) 1941


    155 mm Howitzer M1A2 (M114) 1941

    In the interwar period the U.S. Army was 155-mm howitzer French. Possessing good ballistics, she had odnobrusny carriage and unsprung wheel turn. In order to improve the Americans guns equipped with a bed and sliding it was adapted for mechanized traction. Thus there was 155 mm Howitzer M1A2 widely used by U.S. troops at the front. World War II. Since it began in 1941 serial production was built around 6000 of these guns. In the postwar period howitzer upgraded and renamed in M114. In this form it is still used by the armies of many countries, although the United States has withdrawn from the artillery units.

    M114 Howitzer

    -piece barrel has a 23 caliber, piston valve, hydraulic brake rollback and hydropneumatic recuperator. Counterweight mechanism - spring type with horizontal cylinders. Sprung course equipped with wheels with pneumatic tires. In a combat situation howitzer based on openers sliding frame and front flip stop. Wheels thus posted. Transported cannon caterpillar tractor or high-speed 5-ton Army truck. Modified version implements designated M123A1 is equipped with an engine capacity of 20 l. and can move independently on the battlefield at a speed of 6-8 km / h In ammunition 155mm howitzer includes separate shots kartuznogo loader with fragmentation, high-explosive fragmentation (conventional and active-reactive), Cluster (with flechettes), nuclear, smoke, chemical shells and lighting. To adjust the firing range has 7 different charges.

Tactical and technical data 155mm Howitzer M114A1
Caliber, mm: 155
Weight in firing position, kg: 5800
barrel length, caliber: 23
angle GBV hail: 49
HV Angle, degrees: -2; +65
Muzzle velocity, m / s: 564
Max. range, m: 14600
projectile weight, kg: 43,54
Country of origin U.S.
No. of published copies
Years 1941


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