160-mm mortar MT-13 1943


    160-mm mortar MT-13 1943

    For partial replacement divisional howitzers in 1940 GAC has announced a contest to create a cheaper 160-mm mortar, designed to destroy enemy fortifications on the short-range shooting. A year later came to test two prototypes mortar design bureau developed IG Teverovskogo and BI Shavyrina. According to test results was preferred system Teverovskogo after appropriate modifications entered service under the designation 160-mm mortar arr. 1943.

    When developing large-caliber mortar faced with several challenges. Muzzle loading guns was not possible because the 49-kg mine was necessary to raise the height of about 3 m Therefore, charge mortar breech: turning the handle shaft deflected down, and then, under the weight of the mines, he returned to the starting position for firing. Handcarried gun weighing 1170 kg and it was impossible, and Teverovsky, while maintaining the base plate equipped mortar carriage wheel sprung swing. Mounted on a gun carriage lifting and balancing mechanisms and sights. Firing was feathered high-explosive mines weighing 49 kg, quite effective in destroying various field fortifications, wooden and brick buildings in the city.

    During the Second World War no army the world has had such a powerful mortar as the MT-13. In the Soviet Union mortars of this type were equipped with heavy mortar 1943 teams were part of the breakthrough artillery divisions RGC. Each team consisted of three divisions, each armed with mortars 12. All these units successfully mortar used in offensive operations of the Red Army until the end of the war. After the war, the 160-mm mortar model 1943 has been modernized and has been called the 160-mm mortar M-160.

    Tactical and technical data 160-mm mortar arr. 1943
    Caliber, mm: 160
    Weight in firing position, kg: 1170
    angle GBV hail: 12-50
    Angle HV, hail: 45-80
    Muzzle velocity mines, m / s: 245
    Rate of fire / min: 3
    Max. range, m: 5100
    mines Weight, kg: 49
    Country of origin USSR
    No. of published copies
    Years 1943


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