182,9-mm howitzer B. L. 7,2-in


    182,9-mm howitzer bl 7,2-in

    Between the two world wars, the rapid development of the Air Force led military leadership. UK to think about the uselessness of heavy artillery since its function could easily take on the aviation Therefore, the production of heavy guns was almost frozen, and with the beginning of World War II, England was in dire need of heavy artillery, forcing a hasty start production of such equipment. As a basis trunks were used 203-mm (8 inch) guns of the First World War, in which to invest new liner, reducing the caliber of up to 7.2 inches (182.9 mm).
    The difference between the four models of howitzers was only in the details, they all had exactly the same trunks and identical specifications. Despite the rush caused by extreme simplicity of design and not a very successful system rollback, tools of this type are widely used in the early years of the war and remained in service until the emergence of more sophisticated models.

    Tactical and technical data 7.2-inch howitzer Mark 1 - Mark 4
    Caliber, mm: 182,9
    Caliber inch: 7,2
    Weight in firing position, kg: 10323
    Barrel length, caliber: 22,4
    Barrel length, mm: 4090
    Angle GBV hail 8
    HV Angle, degrees: -10; +45
    Muzzle velocity, m / s: 518
    Max. range, m: 15450
    Shell weight (fragmentation), kg: 90,72

    Country Vers UK
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