194-mm gun GPF


    194-mm gun gpf

    Abbreviation GPF (Grand Puissance, Filloux) in French means a big gun power company Fillo. This instrument was developed by the French firm Colonel Fillo and represents one of the numerous examples of heavy guns created for the French army during the First World War.

    gun was put into service in 1917 and in fact was a heavy 194-mm barrel mounted on the carriage 155 mm gun GPF, produced in the same factory Fillo. But the 194-mm (7.63 inch) Rockets power is approximately two times higher than the shells 155 mm guns. For transporting the gun disassembled into two parts, the trunk was removed from the mast and placed on a special transport vehicle. Tractor was equipped with a towing winch that was used to drag the body from the carriage guns on the carriage back and forth. 194-mm gun GPF remained in service until 1940.

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    Tactical and technical data 194-mm gun GPF
    Caliber, mm: 194
    Caliber inch: 7,63
    Weight in firing position, kg: 15600
    barrel length, caliber: 42,2
    Barrel length, mm: 6570
    Angle GBV hail: 55
    angle HV, hail: 0; +35
    Muzzle velocity, m / s: 640
    Max. range, m: 18300
    Projectile weight (fragmentation), kg: 80,86
    Country of origin France
    No. of published copies
    Years 1917


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