200-mm rocket launcher type 4


    200-mm rocket launcher type 4

    During World War II, the Japanese army and navy acted so haphazardly that preferred to independently develop exactly the same types of weapons, but do not cooperate with each other. Was conducted in the same manner and to develop 200-mm rocket launchers. The result is a device very similar, differing only in small details. Army missile shown in the figure, the shape is very reminiscent of an artillery shell, its warhead was kitted explosive composition, and in the bottom of the rocket engine was smokeless powder. Formed during the combustion gases erupted through nozzles arranged so that during the flight the rocket rotated. The rocket launcher like a long mortar, she had smooth-barrel, which was inserted into the rocket.

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    Tactical and technical data 200mm PAR
    Caliber, mm: 202
    Caliber inch: 7,95
    Weight in firing position, kg: 227
    Max. range, m: 2930
    warhead weight (high-explosive), kg: 16,2
    Projectile length, mm: 983
    projectile weight, kg: 92,6
    Country of origin Japan
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