240-mm gun St. Chamond


    240-mm gun st.chamond

    This French instrument originally intended as coastal and siege. However, in late 1914, when the need for heavy artillery was extremely high, many of these guns were removed from the forts, and the company Saint-Chamond manufactured for them comfortable enough stationary carriage. After that, it became an instrument can be transported in two parts (barrel and carriage), which are then set in place with a winch. The gun was quite successful, and the company Saint-Chamond received an order for 60 of these guns and as many spare barrels for them. This gun has become the most powerful artillery system, transportation which could be carried out without the aid of the railroad. For a number of these guns survived World War II, and with 240-mm guns sample 1884-1917 years they were in service of the French army until 1939. Multiple instances of these guns were used in the 1940 campaign, they were captured by the Germans and by the designation 24-cm gun 564 f used in the coastal defense system.

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    Tactical and technical data 240-mm gun
    Caliber, mm: 240
    Caliber inch: 9,45
    Weight in firing position, kg: 31000
    barrel length, caliber: 26
    Barrel length, mm: 6700
    angle GBV hail : 10
    HV Angle, degrees: 0; +38
    Muzzle velocity, m / s: 575
    Max. range, m: 17300
    Projectile weight (fragmentation), kg: 140
    Country of origin France
    No. of published copies
    Years 1884


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