240 mm howitzer M1 1923


    240 mm howitzer m1 1923

    In 1918, the U.S. Army ordered 240-mm (9.45 inch) howitzer from a French arms company, but it turned out to be an instrument so bad that in the end it was decided to remove it from the production and develop new. Lack of funds delayed the project until 1923, the new howitzer already had a completely different appearance. Carriage equipped with massive sliding platens and transported to the site of fighting special towing vehicle. The trunk was delivered on a separate conveyor and mounted by means of inputs to the state of each battery 20-ton tractor-bulldozer firm Lorraine. In the absence of such a tractor gun pit for the calculation had to dig their own, and the trunk was placed on a gun carriage with the help of special winches.

    Howitzer was armed with the American and British armies until about the mid-1960s - as long as the stock made for her shells.

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    Tactical and technical data 240 mm howitzer M1
    Caliber, mm: 240
    Caliber inch: 9,45
    Weight in firing position, kg: 23030
    barrel length, caliber: 35
    Barrel length, mm: 8410
    angle GBV hail: 45
    HV Angle, degrees: +15; +65
    Muzzle velocity, m / s: 700
    Max. range, m: 23100
    Projectile weight (fragmentation), kg: 163,3
    Country of origin U.S.
    No. of published copies
    Years 1923


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