280-mm mortar St. Chamond


    280-mm mortar st.chamond


    French believed that the tank - it's just an armored tracked carrier for the gun, and therefore looking for an opportunity to manufacture as much as possible the heavy guns on crawlers. The result is a device in the picture below, as revolutionary in concept, however difficult to translate. Tracked gun carriage was driven by two electric motors, and the engines received power from the same second conveyor that does not have a gun and represent a kind of mobile generators with a gasoline engine. Both conveyor connected cable, each had its own driver. A certain amount of self-propelled guns were manufactured in 1918, but reports of their combat application is not available. Part conveyors equipped with 194-mm (7.6-inch) guns. The last mention of such installations refers to 1943, when the Germans used them in Russia.

    Tactical and technical data 280-mm mortar Saint-Chamond
    Caliber, mm: 279,4
    Weight in firing position, kg: 28000
    barrel length, caliber: 12
    Barrel length, mm : 3350
    angle GBV hail: 20
    HV angle, hail: 0; +60
    Muzzle velocity, m / s: 315
    Max. range, m: 10900
    Projectile weight (fragmentation), kg: 203
    Country of origin France
    No. of published copies
    Years 1918


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