300 mm self-propelled mortar Sturmtiger 1944


    300 mm self-propelled mortar sturmtiger 1944

    To combat specific conditions in the city 18 linear tigers from August to December 1944 were converted into several peculiar assault propelled mortars 38cm RW61 auf Sturmmurser Tiger or simply Shturmtigrov (Sturmtiger). Designation under the control of arms has been assigned.

    Retaining nearly all of the basic machine, they got instead of cutting fixed tower armor plates of different thickness and inclination of 150 mm (45 degrees) in the frontal part and 80 mm (30 degrees) on the sides. Feed were covered as 80-mm armor.


    shifted to the right of the center line embrasure placed 38 cm mortar, and in fact a rocket launcher. Right from her machine gun MG34 ball mount on the left - peephole driver.

    shooting was carried out at an elevation angle of 85 degrees. To the goal Shturmtigr approached with mortar in that position to random enemy projectiles or fragments do not fall into a huge crater and damaged ammunition or gate. Ammunition was 14 missiles placed on racks on either side of the launcher. Range rocket projectile mass of 345 kg (including bursting charge had 125 kg) reached 4600 m (according to other sources - 5600 m).


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