305-mm howitzer railway B. L. 12-in


    305-mm howitzer railway bl 12-in

    During World War II, Britain has designed three variants of the 305-mm (12-inch) railway howitzers. In the first model (Mark 1) stood at 12 long gun calibers, but the army has demanded more long-range artillery systems, and as a result there was 17 Internal cylindrical model Mark 2, firing range which increased from 10 200 to 13 700 meters. However, this gun could only fire along the railroad tracks with an angle pointing up to 20 ° on both sides - otherwise recoil it would carry off the rails. The army command was granted an increase in the firing range, but wanted to have a weapon that can lead a circular firing. As a result, the firm was created howitzer Vickers Mark 5, which had a fire in 240 degrees. When preparing to fire guns on the ground on both sides of the road fell special props. Model Mark 3 and Mark 5 survived the First World War, and in 1939 they removed from warehouses, modified and began to use as coastal defense guns on the east coast of England.

    Tactical and technical data 12-inch howitzer Mk V
    Caliber, mm: 305
    Caliber inch: 12
    Weight in firing position, kg: 77168
    Total length mm: 1219
    Barrel length, mm: 5720
    angle GBV hail : 240
    HV Angle, degrees: 0; +45
    Muzzle velocity, m / s: 447,4
    Max. range, m: 13100
    projectile weight, kg: 340
    Country of origin UK
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