984-1014 years. REIGN Sven IVILOBORODOGO

    When it

    Denmark became one of the most powerful nations of Europe, winning is also almost the whole of England. British possessions, he bequeathed to his son one, Knut, and the Danish kingdom - another, Harald (reigned 1014-1018). After the death of Knut Harald moved and the Danish throne.

    1019-1035 gg. REIGN Knut II. After the death of Ha ralda (1018), he adopted the British troops using their rights to the throne from his brother inherited.

    1026-1030 gg. WAR with Norway and Sweden. Knut II attacked Norway and King Olaf II

    984-1014 years. reign svena i Forkbeard.

    Haraldsson (or otherwise - St. Olaf) enlisted the help of the Swedish King Ananda Yakub. In the naval battle of Stangeberge (1026) Knut II was defeated, but retained enough strength to continue to monitor the maritime trade routes that helped fight with Olaf. After a decisive victory at the Battle of Knut Helgume (1028) Olaf fled to Russia (Rus). With Anand James in 1030, he returned to the claimant to the throne, but was defeated by a much larger

    Danish-Norwegian army and was killed at the Battle of Stiklstade (31 August 1030). After that Knut II conquered all of Norway and established control over the whole of the southern Baltic.

    1035 DEATH Knut II. The empire was divided between his three sons: Harald Cleft Paw got England, Har taknutu - Denmark and Sven - Norway.

    1035-1042 gg. REIGN HARTAKNUTA. He is much more interested in British affairs than Danish.

    1042-1047 gg. REIGN OF NORWEGIAN MAGNUS I Olafson. Magnus repelled attacks by Slavic Wends and Jutland defeated at the Battle of Lisberge (1043). In addition, Magnus had to contend with the rebellion Sven Estridsena nephew Knut II (about 1045 - 1047 gg.), Which, in spite of numerous victories and failed to suppress.

    1047-1074 gg. REIGN Sven II ESTRIDSENA. Shortly after the October 25, 1047 Magnus Olafsson I died Skibbe, Sven II took the throne, but he had to fend off the Norwegian King Harald III Har drada when he tried to conquer Denmark (1047-1064 gg.). Subsequently Sven II sent an army to England to support the Anglo-Saxon rebellion against William the Conqueror, I (1069). Sven Valdemar II founded a dynasty, and the throne peacefully, in turn, passed on to each of his five sons (1074-1134 gg.).

    1131-1157 gg. Civil war for succession. A quarrel broke out between Magnus the Strong, the son of King Niels (reigned 1104-1134 gg.), And Knut Lavar-house, the son of the former king Airy Single Eyegoda (about 1095-1103 years.). Because of the murder of Knut Magnus civil war ensued, which then flashed, then a lull until the throne ascended son Knut Lavarda Waldemar I (1157), maternal grandson comes Kievan prince Vladimir Monomakh.

    1157-1182 gg. REIGN Valdemar I the Great. With the assistance of such notable figures as Bishop Ab-salon (about 1128-1201 years.), A prominent military leader and politician Waldemar I restore order in the country and by the Swedes, Germans and wends expanded the scope of the Danish influence in the Baltic Sea.

    1160-1169 gg. WAR WITH BE-NEDSKIMI PIRATES. At the end

    Ends Absalon captured stronghold on the island of Rugen wends.

    1170-1182 gg. DANISH EXPANSION. Absalon captured Mek-lenburgskuyu bay and established outposts in Estonia.

    1182-1202 gg. REIGN Knut IV. Absalon remained the main royal advisor, Danish power and influence continued to grow. Absalon reflected the German invasion (1182) and thwarted attempts to challenge the sovereignty of Denmark Pomerania on the Baltic Sea, won a decisive victory in the naval battle abeam Strehle (now city-Strahl to sound in the FRG; 1184g.).


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