A-37B Dragonfly


    T-37, developed by Cessna, was one of the jets, applied in the 1950-1960s. in the U.S. for pilot training. In 1963, based on the T-37 Special military center of the U.S. Air Force version of the machine was designed for combat operations against the guerrillas. This modification to increase the payload was equipped with much more powerful engines than the original J69-T-25. The war in Southeast Asia confirmed the need for such a machine, and in 1966 the company received an order for Cessna Issue 39 light attack aircraft based on the T-37. The car was equipped with eight underwing suspension units for various weapons, more powerful engines and additional fuel tanks in the wings. Deliveries began in May 1967 goda16. Model A-37B had reinforced airframe, increased fuel capacity and equipment for in-flight refueling.

    Production: USA

    Type: light attack and reconnaissance aircraft

    Powerplant: two turbojets J85-GE-17 A (General

    Electric) a thrust of 1293 kg

    Features: max speed navys.4875m816km / h (507 miles / hour), ceiling

    12730 m range with load 1860 kg 740 km (460 miles)

    Weight: empty weight of 2650 kg, max take-off weight 6350 kg

    Dimensions: wingspan of 10.9 m, length 8.6 m, height 2.7 m wing area

    17 m. m

    Armament: 7.62mm shestistv. gun GAU-2 Minigun (ammunition

    618 rounds); eight hardpoints for weapons weighing up to 2268 kg, including bombs, machine gun or missile gondola, napalm tanks and other equipment


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