Air Defence Missile System Pegasus (Chun Ma)




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    10 km.

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    air defense missile system pegasus (chun ma) Complex "Pegasus" ("Chun Ma") is intended for short-range air defense units mechanized South Korean army on the battlefield, and the march from attack aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles fly at low and extremely low vvysotah. Weatherproof complex "Pegasus" can destroy targets by day and night in difficult noise conditions.

    complex created by a consortium of South Korean firms commissioned by "Agency for Defense Development" of South Korea, the main executor of the project is a special unit "Defense Industry Division" corporation "Daewoo". Equipment start-up complex and detection tools, similar to that used in the complex "Crotale-NG", supplied by the French firm "Thomson-CSF".

    Designing complex "Pegasus" began in 1987., the first two prototypes out for testing in early 1996.

    information about complex decision adopted absent.


    air defense missile system pegasus (chun ma) The new all-wheel tracked chassis K200A1, used in complex "Pegasus", is the last one of a series of chassis produced by the corporation "Daewoo" commissioned by the South Korean army. On a similar chassis to accommodate, for example, 30-mm twin anti-aircraft gun type "Flying Tiger". Chassis K200A1 has somewhat longer than previous versions. Chassis complex "Pegasus" armored to protect the crew from fragments of shells and bullets. The crew of the complex - 3 person, the driver is on the left side. In front of the chassis on the right side mounted 10-cylinder diesel engine "Daewoo" D2840L capacity of 520 liters. s. with an automatic transmission that allows the chassis to develop speed to 60 km / h Set speed from zero to the value 32 km / h for 10C. Running without refueling - 500km complex overcomes Wake up to 60%.

    total weight of the complex is about 25 tons on the chassis additionally installed auxiliary 43-hp engine and a standard set of equipment including filtered VENTILATION installation to protect the crew in the radioactive contamination of land, about firing warning system chassis and system smoke screen .

    top of the chassis mounted equipment starting complex having four missiles in sealed launching transporting containers on each side of the chassis. In the center is a pulse-Doppler surveillance radar E / F - range target detection with a range up to 20 km. Surveillance radar to detect and track up to eight targets simultaneously. Mounted below surveillance radar pulse-Doppler radar tracking operates in Ku-band wavelengths and has a range of 16 km. It is intended to accompany the hovering helicopters and other purposes, having a maximum speed of up to M = 2. Control commands are transferred to board the rocket using a narrow antenna beam.

    Both radar provides instant frequency tuning from pulse to pulse. Left from radar tracking equipment is a thermal imaging system FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) with detection range up to 15 km, on the right - a TV camera with IR goniometer working in the daytime with a detection range of up to 10 km. IR goniometer is used for initial detection and capture launched missiles, has a field angle of 10 °.

    rocket used in the complex "Pegasus", a South Korean consortium was created independently and differs from a rocket complex "Crotale-NG". Solid-propellant missile is based on the normal aerodynamic scheme - four vehicles placed in the rear of the chassis. The maximum speed of the rocket is M = 2.6, the maximum effective range of fire is 10 km with the possibility of committing to the far edge of the affected area to maneuver with overdrive 30g. Warhead - high-explosive/fragmentation/incendiary, directional, equipped with contact and non-contact laser fuses and provides a high probability of hitting air targets.

    When spending all the missiles carried by the crew manually reloading. Operator missile guidance has multiscreen panel with color monitors. The software allows complex computational tools to integrate complex "Pegasus" in any defense system.


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