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    management system:


    GOS GOS Radar








    50 km.

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    air defense missile system spyder

    mobile air defense missile system (ADMS) SPYDER (Surface-to-Air PYton and DERby) short-and medium-range air defense designed for land forces and infrastructure (command posts, communications, radio aids, bridges, airfields) from the blows of airplanes, helicopters, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. The complex provides defeat single and group targets at any time of day and any climatic conditions.

    SPYDER SAM belongs to the family of anti-aircraft complexes, using as means of destruction aircraft missiles. Feature of the complex is the presence of various ammunition missiles homing - guided missile Derby active radar homing (GOS) and missiles Phyton c thermal GOS. This combination provides all-weather, stealth and combat efficiency of the complex.

    SPYDER SAM developed by a consortium of Israeli companies Rafael and Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI). The first version of the system, and later received the designation SPYDER-SR (Short Range), was demonstrated in 2005. at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget. Later Rafael and IAI today announced a new version of the complex under the designation SPYDER-MR (Medium Range), is characterized by increased combat effectiveness. SPYDER-MR retained a high degree of continuity with the complex SPYDER-SR, but equipped with a new surveillance radar and increased ammunition upgraded missiles have longer range. Originally used in the complex missile Phyton-4, and later - more perfect Phyton-5 with dual-band thermal GOS.

    complex actively promoted on the international arms market, now in version SPYDER-SR is armed land forces of Georgia, Singapore and India.

    Combat application SPYDER-SR complex took place in 2008. during the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict. August 9, 2008. 10:20 Georgian air defense using SAM Spyder-SR was shot down a Russian bomber Su-24M from the 929 th State Flight Test Center (airfield Akhtubinsk). He did fly in a group of three bombers with the task of suppressing Georgian artillery near the village Shindisi (between Gori and Tskhinvali). After making the first call on the aircraft was made two failed missile launch Python-4, but the third he was struck by a missile. Hit caused a fire and the crew ejected but the wreckage of the aircraft was damaged canopy navigator Colonel Igor Rzhavitina, whereby he died.


    air defense missile system spyder


    Typical battery

    complex medium range SPYDER-MR include:

    command post,

    four launchers,

    Transport-loading machines.

    Launcher (PU) intended for distribution, transportation, pre-start-up guidance and oblique four anti-aircraft missiles and Derby Phyton-5 in various combinations (see photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4). PU is based on a modular and can be placed on a variety of automotive chassis terrain. The rocket is launched directly from the containers that also serve for transport and storage (see photo). Package launching containers located on a turntable and by means of hydraulic actuators can be induced in the horizontal and vertical planes. In the stowed position the guides are arranged horizontally. To improve the survivability of the missile complex PU can be placed away from the command post of the battery. Exchange of information, there may be organized on a cable, fiber optic or wireless link. When working offline, the UE can use an optical detection system TOPLITE. Calculation launcher - 3 people.

    Zour Derby and Phyton-5 in the complex SPYDER-SR can be used in capture mode target seeker before starting (when the missiles on launchers) and after starting. In the latter case, to capture target homing missile inertial control system is controlled according to the primary targeting transmitted to the missile. The data line is used to send commands to the missile correction in the middle portion of the trajectory to capture target GOS. Firing rate is two seconds.

    command post (CP) is equipped with three-axis radar detection Elta EL/M-2106NG ATAR 3D (see diagram). Radar can detect and track up to 60 targets at ranges up to 35km. KP allows fighting in a single information space layered air defense system and can receive targeting from external sources. Control cabin posted jobs of two operators, equipped with LCD monitors (see photo).


    Typical battery

    complex medium range SPYDER-MR include:

    command post,

    radar detection MF-STAR,

    six launchers,

    Transport-loading machine,

    machine software.

    SAM launcher SPYDER-MR is located on the automobile chassis terrain, and incorporates eight-Zour. rocket is launched vertically, followed by a decline in the direction of the target (for a period not exceeding 2c) that allows efficient organization of circular Defense from various air attacks. Zour Derbi and Phiton-5, members of the Spyder-MR, equipped with additional boosters and provide a much greater range (up to 50km) with the ability to maneuver in the final phase of the trajectory with an overload to 12g. ; Rockets used in target capture mode after start.

    new surveillance radar MF-STAR, developed by Elta division of IAI, allows you to simultaneously detect and track up to 60 targets at a range up to 100km. Command post SPYDER-MR provides interaction with SAM SPYDER-SR or with other complexes and sources of information as part of a unified air defense system.



    SPIDER-the MR

    The affected area, km:
    - By range
    - Height

    0.02 - 9

    0.02 - 16

    detection range, km




    rockets on the launcher, pc




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