Air Defence Missile System Tan-SAM (Toure 81)




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    7 km.

    year development:


    anti-aircraft missile complex tan-sam (round 81)

    Japanese SAM "Tan-SAM" is intended for defense of critical countries, as well as military airfields, naval bases, etc.

    tactical and technical requirements for the development and creation of a complex air defense command was formulated ground forces (Japan Ground Self-Defence Force-JGSDF) 1966 Research and prototyping of individual systems of the complex was completed in 1969 in the first half of the 70 -ies were tested all complex systems separately, and successfully tested the whole complex was completed in 1978-1979,. In 1980. complex was adopted by the JGSDF under code 81 Toure. First complexes were located in the northern island of Hokkaido.


    complex "Tan-SAM" entered service with the Japanese Air Force (JASDF - Japan Air Self-Defence Force), where it is used to provide air defense of air bases in mixed air defense battalions, along with SAM "Patriot" MANPADS " ; Stinger ".

    As of 1995, it was released nearly 1,800 rockets. Total armed ground forces in Japan is 57 complexes "Tan-SAM", Air Force - 30, Navy - 6.

    Currently available modernized version of the complex "Tan-SAM-kai", different from the prototype greater range, noise immunity and combat effectiveness. Missile complex "Tan-SAM-kai" is equipped with active radar homing. Complex «Tan-SAM-kai» is announced. Information about exporting complex is not available.


    anti-aircraft missile complex tan-sam (round 81)

    The complex consists of:

    para combat control,

    two launchers with four missiles each,

    providing equipment.

    rocket complex "Tan-SAM" - single-stage, solid-fuel, is based on the normal aerodynamic scheme. Missile guidance combined: the initial inertial and using infrared homing seeker to the final trajectory. Before the start of the angle of declination is programmed computing means cockpit command and control with regard to the prevention start in the direction of the sun. After the launching, and it reaches a point where GVA included GOS scanning the given region of space in order to find its objectives. Warhead - Frag, equipped with contact and proximity fuses. Striking range of fragments of the warhead from 5 to 15 m depending on the target type. Solid engine with a thrust of 8400kgs provides maximum flight speed of 840m / s. Self destruct in case of large slip is not provided. Complex enough protected from false thermal noise (aircraft and helicopters of shot traps heat). When firing at targets flying at extremely low altitudes in a strong enemy electronic warfare, as well as areas where there is a failure of the antenna pattern detection radar, missile guidance can be translated into the optical path. Optical sight is placed on each launcher.

    anti-aircraft missile complex tan-sam (round 81)

    personnel of the complex - 15 people. A crew consists of commander, radar operator detection and two operators launchers. The distance between the point of command and control and launchers to 300 m, the relationship between them is carried out either by cable or by radio. Total deployment time complex new position - 30 min. Items can be removed from their chassis and used permanently or relocate by helicopter or V-107II-4/IIA-4 CH47J «Chinook" at a distance of 100 km.

    The total weight of the item

    combat control - 3054 kg, it is mounted on a wheeled chassis Modified Tour 73 (6x6) chassis weight - about 3000 kg. It consists of a 30 kW generator, which is located in the aft part of the chassis and cab with equipment. Located on the roof of the cab phased array pulse-Doppler radar (antenna size of the canvas - about 1 m wide and 1.2 - in height), which is mechanically rotated in azimuth. Chassis paragraph gorizontiruetsya combat control using three hydraulic outriggers (stabilizers). The cabin is not armored, not equipped with filtered ventilation system. Radar detection range is 30km, a system determine the nationality of the target. Phased array antenna rotation speed is 10ob./min. Per revolution visible region of space in elevation from 0 to 15 °, azimuth - round. When assigning mode sector review space PAR radar azimuth scans - any 110 °, elevation - from 0 to 20 °.

    Computing system command and control points are assigned individual numbers of each detected target. Trails goals with their numbers displayed on a target in the form of numbers, range, height and direction of flight. Commander of the calculation assigns priority objectives and indicates the radar operator on goals that will fire. Radar operator with the cursor marks the selected targets, thus ensuring precise mode radar tracking these goals. Just a (detailed) maintenance mode can be selected to six goals. Each of them displayed nA display together with the values of their origin, refresh rate information is 1. Coordinate information purposes, which will be launching missiles supplied to the control system of the missile computer complex command and control points, which also generates commands to the appropriate dovorot launchers towards the goal. When entering a priority objective in the area starting complex ignited light indication on the point of combat control and begins preparing to launch rockets. The guidance system allows two missiles at the same time bridging the target, either. inducing one missile, and evaluating the results of her firing, decide to re-fire. Probability of hitting one rocket - 0.75.

    anti-aircraft missile complex tan-sam (round 81)

    first missile can be launched through 8c after the capture of radar targets, the second after the first through 6c. In preparation for the launch of two other missiles takes about 40c.

    Launcher (PU) is mounted on the chassis of the Tour 73 (6x6). For leveling PU before the start of her set four hydraulic supports. Missiles are loaded on a launcher with two hydraulic platforms placed on the sides of the machine. Missile in the transport container is placed on the loading platform, manually removed from the container and placed on the rails. Loading time launcher is about 3 min.

    In the modernized complex

    "Tan-SAM-kai" used missile with active radar homing and a new engine, which provided increased speed of the missile and the far boundary of the affected area up to 14 km. In the initial phase of the trajectory used radio command that allows to adjust flight missiles by firing on highly mobile targets. In addition, the command and control set point imager, thereby increasing the combat effectiveness of the complex at night and under strong jamming.


    defeat maximum range, km


    Range defeat minimum, km


    defeat maximum height, km


    defeat minimum height, km


    rocket length, mm


    Diameter, mm


    Wingspan mm


    Starting weight

    missiles kg


    warhead weight, kg





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