Air Defence Missile System Umkhonto



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    South Africa


    12 km.

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    air defense missile system umkhonto Anti-aircraft missile complex melee Umkhonto (Umhonto - spear) of various designs used as a means of defense land objects and ships from massive cruise missile strikes, aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles day and night. < / p>

    Umkhonto SAM developed a South African company Denel Dynamics (formerly Kentron). Development of the system began in 1993. Ground-based system tests completed in July 2005. In trials carried out interception supersonic targets Skua with trajectories of various kinds, including on a collision course, and implementing low-flying evasive maneuvers.

    Ship option Umkhonto SAM was developed within the project Sitron. The first successful tests were carried out on board the frigate Amatola (F145) Navy South Africa November 23, 2005. Missile launches with telemetry warheads carried on target near Cape Agulhas Skua. All launches were found to be successful, a series of tests completed real target lesion with regular missile warhead. Tests were conducted in relatively harsh conditions, with the excitement and confirmed the reliability of the complex and its interaction with the ship's systems. Successful firing exercises conducted during "Good Hope III" in 2008 demonstrated the effectiveness of the system and against supersonic purposes.

    Currently Umkhonto SAM is in service with the Navy South Africa and Finland. In the South African Navy complex Umkhonto armed frigate type 4 Valour (project MEKO A-200 SAN), in Finland - 4 patrol boats type Hamina, two mine-layers of Hameenmaa, who received SAM in the modernization process of 2006-2008. In early 2007, the Swedish government has signed a contract for five available equipment in service with the Navy project Visby corvettes country SAM systems Umkhonto. The contract for the supply of five systems is 150 million dollars. However, in summer 2007 acquisition program was frozen missiles.

    In 2010, the company Denel Dynamics completed the development of an advanced version of the anti-aircraft guided missile Umkhonto-IR Mk2. New SAM was demonstrated at the international exhibition "Africa Aerospace & Defence-2010" in Cape Town. According to the developers, Umkhonto-IR Mk2 specially adapted for use in the Baltic Sea, has improved performance in difficult noise conditions and is resistant to electronic warfare agents. In May of 2010. Navy Finland reported the successful completion of a series of tests Umkhonto-IR Mk2 from aboard the mine layer Uusimaa. During shooting two targets - Banshee UAV were struck by a direct hit. Planned re-boats of Hamina and mine-layers of Hameenmaa upgraded missiles. Production of Umkhonto-IR Mk1 discontinued. South African Navy also reported placing an order for a party Umkhonto-IR Mk2.

    Currently, the main development effort focused on the Umkhonto missile program development for South Africa Sun mobile ground launcher based on the 10-ton truck as part of a second-tier ground air defense systems (GBADS) short-range, known as Project Protector. In addition to SAM in the Umkhonto air defense system will Triaxial radar, SAM ->

    air defense missile system umkhonto Launch Umkhonto (see photo) is based on the normal aerodynamic scheme and equipped with cross wing trapezoidal shape, located in the middle part of the body. In the rear are located aerodynamic handlebars unit thrust vector control system of the engine (SUVT) and receiver data line. SUVT with aerodynamic control surfaces provides decline after launch missiles toward the target and maneuvering overload to 40g. Marching solid rocket motor, Low Smoke Zero equips composite propellant charge and provides a maximum flight speed of M = 2. Warhead - high-explosive/fragmentation/incendiary weighing 23kg, fuse - proximity radar.

    used for missile control combined control system: command-inertial system in the initial phase of the trajectory and homing system in the terminal phase. Depending on the Umkhonto missile can be equipped with active radar (Umkhonto-R) or infrared seeker (Umkhonto-IR). Dual-band infrared homing seeker similar ->

    Maximum range, km


    Maximum height

    goals, m


    Maximum overload the available


    Maximum speed


    Intercept Time for a distance of 9 km, with


    Dimensions, mm:
    - Length
    - Diameter
    - Wingspan


    up weight


    Warhead weight, kg


    container dimensions, mm:
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    - Diameter



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