Air Defence Missile System Yitian



    chassis, Armoured

    management system:










    6 km.

    year development:


    air defense missile system yitian

    antiaircraft missile complex short-range "Yitian" («Ityan") is designed to protect troops on the march and stationary objects against low-flying aircraft and helicopters and military aviation, as well as the destruction of unmanned aircraft and cruise missiles at any time of day, adverse weather conditions ..

    as a means to defeat SAM "Yitian" used modernized missile TY-90 air-to-air, developed in China in the late 90s for weapons attack helicopters. And a scheme for constructing complex concept like SAM SANTAL, "Avenger" and other complexes of similar purpose. However, according to developers, SAM "Yitian" has a greater combat effectiveness by equipping TY-90 missile warhead high-power compared with the rocket "Stinger", a part of the American complexes.

    Its modular structure

    complex can be installed on different samples or wheeled armored tracked. SAM "Yitian" was first shown at the end of 2004. and has since been repeatedly demonstrated at international exhibitions in different versions. The exhibition IDEX 2009 (United Arab Emirates) Chinese foreign trade corporation "China North Industries Corporation" (NORINCO) has introduced two versions of the complex - on the basis of wheeled armored WMZ 551 chassis and four-wheel drive vehicle terrain EQ2050. Also known towed launcher option "Yitian", performed on the trailer and is part of the air defense missile-gun system (SPAR) "Giant Bow-II".


    The complex consists of:

    guided antiaircraft missiles (SAMs) TY-90,

    3-D radar detection of X-Band,

    optoelectronic station of detection and tracking,

    equipment to verify proper operation and maintenance of missiles.

    When placed on the basis of wheeled armored WMZ 551 (6x6) unified military tower circular rotation is set in the middle of the car, just behind the engine compartment. Placed on the sides of the tower are two packages of four transport and launch container (TPC) with TY-90 SAMs. Optoelectronic station located between packets TPK and includes: sight optical range imager, an automatic target tracking and laser rangefinder that can detect, capture and automatically accompany aerial targets. Radar warning antenna placed on the roof of the tower and stowed folded (see photo). Combat vehicle crew - 3 people: commander, a driver and operator of SAM. The commander and driver are located in front of the machine and the operator in the tower. The machine is equipped for self 12.7mm W-85 mounted on the turret hatch on the driver, and two 4-barrel unit smoke grenade. Combat vehicle equipped with a navigation system, filtoventilyatsionnoy installation and auxiliary power unit, ensuring integrity of the complex at the stops. Weight BM SAM "Yitian" 16 tons. BM is equipped with air-cooled diesel engine «Deutz» BF8L413F capacity 320l. s. and has a maximum road speed - 100 km / h and a range of up to 800 km. BM preserved the ability to rest in the water, however, due to the extra weight on top of the machine has a rather limited amphibious capability compared to the base chassis.

    range target detection radar is 18 km for the purpose of "fighter" and 8 km for the purpose of "cruise missile" automatic tracking range - 10 km. Maximum detection range fighter using optoelectronic station is up to 12 km and is heavily dependent on weather conditions. Detection and elimination goals is as follows. After the detection and identification of targets Surveillance radar, missile turret system rotates in the azimuthal direction to the target. Onepator searches targets using thermal or optical sight. When a target is detected automatically takes its grip on the support, and at the entrance to the goal in the affected area of launching missiles. System response time 6 ... 8 seconds. Maximum speed of the targeted objectives up to 400m / s. Reloading is done manually.

    air defense missile system yitian

    Zour TY-90 is based on a "duck" with non-folding aerodynamic surfaces. It is equipped with all-aspect infrared homing head, specially designed to capture the target in terms of interference from the underlying surface and ground objects. Launch mass - about 20 kg. Fragmentation warhead weighing 3 kg. Solid jet engine according to 2M rocket speed.

    SAM is designed for operation as part of a tactical air defense system, but can also function independently. Cueing complex may receive from its own radar detection or other sources. Typical battery SAM "Yitian" includes battery command post, 6 combat vehicles, equipment supply, testing and maintenance of vehicles. Battery can provide additional surveillance radar. Command post of the battery is also located on the chassis of armored WMZ 551, the rear of which is a surveillance radar and detection type IBIS-80. IBIS-80 radar frequency agile can detect up to 40 air targets, 12 of which take on a support.

    When installing four wheel drive terrain EQ2050 company "Dong Feng Motor" combat module SAM "Yitian" located on the turntable in the back of the car behind the cab (see photo). Combat module has a lower height by placing the radar antenna and optoelectronic station between packets transport-launch containers. But at the same system lost opportunities for continuous circular scanning and target detection is possible only in a particular sector, where the module is rotated. Fitting operator located in the cab to the right.

    antiaircraft missile air defense artillery system "Giant Bow-II" (see photo) involves the combined use of SAM TY-90 towed launcher and 23-mm artillery "type 87" (a modification of the Soviet ZU-23-2 ). In this case, the control system takes a central point with guidance and control hosted on the basis of all-wheel drive army truck EQ240 (6x6). Launchers of anti-aircraft missiles carried on a gun carriage towed artillery systems from the "Type 87". Missiles are launched from a beam guide that brings in two planes. The three-dimensional radar Omnidirection and tracking AS901A mounted on the chassis of the car «BJ2020» (4x4).


    Range of fire:
    - Minimum
    - Maximum


    Reach height, m:
    - Minimum
    - Maximum


    detection range / target tracking, m:
    - Radar
    - Optronic station


    Dimensions based boring WMZ 551 mm:
    - Length
    - Width


    launch mass, kg


    Weight of warhead, kg


    March speed, M


    max overload, g


    Dimensions TY-90 missiles, mm:
    - Length
    - Diameter



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