Alpha Jet A


    Alpha Jet and

    Jaguar aircraft proved to be too complicated and expensive to use it as a training model. Therefore, the French Air Force in 1967, made an order on the drafting of a new training aircraft (Jaguar originally conceived it as a training machine). In addition, if necessary, the plane was supposed to carry out combat missions. Then it became known that the establishment of such an aircraft is interested and Germany, and 22 July 1969, the two governments signed an agreement on joint production of a new car. July 24, 1970 the company Dassault and Dornier to announce the creation of a model Alpha Jet. Transfer of the first 176 aircraft Alpha Jet-A (AUT) Air Force was held in Germany in 1979. Combat modification A (light attack) differs from a training more pointed nose.

    Production: France and Germany

    Type: Dbl. light attack, reconnaissance and training aircraft

    Powerplant: two turbojets Larzac 04 (SNESMA) thrust of

    1440 kg

    Features: max speed 920 km / h, ceiling 14,200 m combat range at

    land 500 km, with a large height. 1,600 km, 2,900 km ferry

    Weight: Empty weight 3515 kg, max take-off weight 8000 kg

    Dimensions: wingspan of 9.1 m, length 13.1 m, height 4.2 m wing area

    17,5 m. m

    Armament: 27 mm cannon or IWKA Mauser 30mm cannon DEFA in the false

    Container four ventral node for the suspension of bombs and missiles total weight up to 400 kg, as well as hanging pots


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