Alpha Jet E


    Alpha Jet e

    Syschestvuyut two main versions of the model Alpha Jet - the above described light attack and a double jet trainer aircraft originally produced for the French Air Force. Training Alpha Jet E (Ecole), simplified compared with stormtrooper design, replaced the machine and Fugue Mazhister Mr. Dassault as the main and the most advanced training aircraft Air France. Wings, tail, rear fuselage, landing gear and jet produced in Germany, and the front and center fuselage - in France, some of the other work was done under contract by the Belgian company. The first flight of the aircraft of this type made in Istres October 26, 1973. Subsequently, on the basis of the Ecole was founded Alpha Jet version 3, equipped with additional management consoles and a variety of displays for the training of crews working with combat and navigation systems.

    Production: France and Germany

    Type: Double trainer basic and

    depth training

    Powerplant: two turbojets Larzac 04 (SNESMA) thrust of

    1440 kg

    Features: max speed 920 km / h, ceiling 14,000 m Combat radius flight

    on job training for small height. 540 km (335 miles)

    Weight: Empty weight 3345 kg, standard takeoff weight of 5000 kg

    Dimensions: wingspan of 9.1 m, length 11.75 m, height 4.2 m, area

    wing 17.5 m. m



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