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    multipurpose aircraft AMX was the result of joint. efforts of Italian companies Aeritalia and Aermacchi and the Brazilian company Embraer. The plane was designed in response to emerging in the early 1980s, the Air Force needs of the two countries in a small tactical fighter bomber to replace the Italian cars G-91 and F-104C (Fiat) and Brazilian AT-26 Ksavanites. As the power plant for a small compact fighter was selected Piaggio turbojet engine produced by Rolls-Royce. The first prototype flew in May 1984, and by 1990, seven new aircraft have flown more than 2,500 hours. About 50% of the work on the development of the airplane, including the development of major assemblies were performed by Aeritalia. Aircraft entered service with the air forces of Italy in April 1989

    Production: Italy and Brazil

    Type: Single multipurpose military plane

    Propulsion: turbojet Spey Mk 807 (Piaggio, Rolls-Royce) thrust 5003 kg

    Features: max speed 1047 km / h (651 miles / hour), ceiling 13,000 m; combat radius at low altitude 556 km (345 miles)

    Weight: Empty weight 6700 kg maximum take-off weight of 13,000 kg

    Dimensions: wingspan 8.87 m Length 13.23 m, height 4.55 m wing area of 21 sq. m. m

    Armament: six-barreled 20mm gun M-61A1 Vulcan or two 30mm cannon DEFA (the Brazilian version); five Ext. pylons carrying up to 3,800 kg payload, two guides on the wing tip missile air-to-air Sidewinder type


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