Design AN-72 allows short takeoff and landing using different systems that increase lift, allowing the use of the aircraft in conditions short of the runway. The most effective of the technical innovations is the use of dual power plant located in the upper part of the fuselage in front of the wings. When the inner flaps are omitted jetstream deflected downward, thereby dramatically increasing the lift force. The plane has a cabin of conventional design, the entrance to it by the tail, cut chassis widely spaced to increase the internal space of the aircraft. The first flight of the prototype took place on 22 December 1977, and the West, this plane has been demonstrated only in 1979 at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget. The aircraft can perform various tasks, including the conduct further exploration. Further improvement of the basic model has led to the creation of the model AN-74 for use in polar regions - this model is equipped with de-icing systems, advanced avionics and ski gear.

    Production: USSR (Ukraine)

    Type: transport aircraft with short takeoff and landing

    Powerplant: two turbojets Zaporozhye D-36

    (KB Lotareva) thrust of 6500 kg

    Features: Maximum speed at 10,000 m 755 km / h (438 miles / chos);

    ceiling 11,800 m, with a maximum range of

    loading 800 km (497 miles)

    Weight: empty weight 19,000 kg maximum takeoff weight of 34,500 kg

    Dimensions: wingspan 31.89 m, length 28.1 m, height 8.5 m, area

    wing 98.62 m. m

    Armament: ---


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