Anti-aircraft missile medium-range Buk-M2 9K317




    management system:

    Radar GOS




    antiaircraft, missile




    50 km.

    year development:


    air defense missile system of medium-range Buk-M2 9k317 Multi highly mobile air defense missile system (ADMS) medium-range 9K317" Buk-M2 "designed to engage aircraft tactical and strategic aircraft, cruise missiles, helicopters ( including hovering) and other aerodynamic aircraft over the entire range of their practical application in heavy electronic and fire enemy countermeasures, as well as to combat tactical ballistic, aircraft missiles and other elements of high-precision weapons in the air, hitting surface and ground-based radio-fire goals. SAM "Buk-M2" can be used for air defense troops (military installations), in various forms of combat operations, administrative and industrial facilities and areas of the country.

    Head developer of the complex - Research Institute of Instrument name Tikhomirov (Chief Designer - EA Pigin). 9K317 SAM "Buk-M2" was intended to replace parts of the defense in the air defense systems "Cube" , and "Book" of previous generations and was adopted in the early 90-ies of the last century. However, the difficult economic situation prevailing in the country, is not allowed to deploy its production. To save money as an intermediate developers were offered the option of the modernization of the 9K37 "Buk-M1" using a new missile 9M317 from the 9K317 , "Buk-M2". This interim version was designated "Buk-M1-2".

    Work on improving complex "Buk-M2" and continued in 2008. Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant (UMP) has begun mass production of a modern version of the complex 9K317 "Buk-M2", which began to enter the army.

    parallel with the requirements of the requirements of foreign customers, was developed export version "Buk-M2E" - "Ural". First export version was presented at the MAKS-2007. Reported a contract with Syria to supply SAM "Buk-M2E".

    At MAKS-2011 was presented complex 9K317E "Buk-M2E" combat vehicles which are made on a wheeled chassis MZKT-6922 (see photo1, photo2, photo3).

    NATO Code - SA-17 "Grizzly".


    componentsSoftwareUniScan 9K317 "Buk-M2":

    military vehicles

    O guided antiaircraft missiles 9M317 (see photo),

    O-propelled launcher mounts (JMA) 9A317 and 9A318 (towed),

    O puskozaryazhayuschie Position (ROM) 9A316 and 9A320;


    O 9S510 command post,

    O radar target detection 9S18M1-3,

    O radar illumination and missile guidance (RPN) 9S36.

    The complex 9K317 provides the use of fire sections of two types:

    up to 4 sections in the 1 and 1 SDA ROM providing simultaneous firing of up to 4 targets (up to 2m height of the relief);

    up to 2 sections in the 1 and 2 RPN 9S36 ROM providing simultaneous firing of up to 4 goals (relief height up to 20m).

    readiness to march Time: 1st section - 5 min, 2nd Section - 10-15 min. To change the position enabled hardware only takes 20 seconds.

    antiaircraft guided missile 9M317 . 9M317 missile has extended the affected area up to 45-50km range and up to 25 km - height and setting, as well as a large range of targeted goals. In It provides for the use of inertial-corrected control system with a new semi-active radar homing Doppler 9E420 (see photo). Warhead: rod, weight - 70 kg, radius of target destruction - 17 m Cruising speed - 1230 m / s, load - up to 24 g. Missile weight - 715 kg. Wingspan - 860 mm. Engine - dual-mode solid propellant. Missile has a high level of reliability, fully assembled and curb missile does not require inspections and adjustments during the lifetime - 10 years.

    air defense missile system of medium-range Buk-M2 9k317 propelled fire setting 9A317 (see photo) made crawler GM-569. During the Battle of the JMA provides detection, identification, and tracking of the target type recognition, mission defining the solution launcher problem, launch, target illumination and transmission of radio correction commands to the missile, the evaluation results of firing. SDAs can lead to attack targets as part of an anti-aircraft missile complex during target designation from the command post, and autonomously in a predetermined sector of responsibility.


    9A317 SDA, in contrast to the previous embodiment the complex is formed based on a phased array antenna with electronic beam scanning. target detection area: in azimuth - ± 45 °, in elevation - 70 °, in range - 20km (RCS = 1.2 m2, height - 3 km), 18-20 km (ESR = 1.2 m2, height - 10-15 m). Zone target tracking: azimuth - ± 60 °, elevation - from -5 to +85 °. Number of detected targets - 10. Number engaged targets - 4. JMA 9A317 equipped with electro-optical system based on submatrix thermal and CCD matrix television channels, allowing vsesutochnoy work and significantly improves the immunity and vitality SAM. Number of missiles at the facility - 4. Response time - 5 seconds. Availability time after change of position - 20. Weight - 35 tons Dimensions - 8x3, 3x3, 8 m Crew - 4 pers.

    air defense missile system of medium-range Buk-M2 9k317 Puskozaryazhayuschaya installation 9A316 Made crawler GM-577 towed 9A320 - wheeled trailer with KrAZ (trailer 9001) .. Number of missiles: on launchers supports - 4 on transport supports - 4. Samozaryazhaniya time - 15 min. Loading time SDA - 13 min. Crane capacity - 1000 kg. Weight - 38/35 tons Dimensions - 8x3, 3x3, 8 m Crew - 4 pers.

    9S510 command post (see photo). Chassis - GM-579 tracked / wheeled on the trailer to the towing vehicle KrAZ (trailer 9001). Number of tracked trails - up to 60 (50-80). Number of issued target designation - 16-36. Number of controlled sections - to 6. Response time - 2. Weight - 30/25 tons Dimensions - 8x3, 3x3, 8 m Crew - 6 pers.

    illumination radar and missile guidance purposes 9S36 (see photo1, photo2, photo3) from rising to a height of 22m antenna post provides defeat targets flying at low and extremely low altitudes in wooded and conditions rough terrain. Antenna Type - phased array with electronic scanning. The station is located on a crawler or wheeled on the trailer to the towing vehicle KrAZ (trailer 9001). Zone target detection: azimuth - ± 45 °, elevation - 70 °, on the range - 120 km (ESR = 1-2m2, height - 3 km), 30-35 km (ESR = 1-2m2, height - 10 -15m). Zone target tracking: azimuth - ± 60 °, elevation - from -5 to +85 °. Number of detected targets - 10. Number engaged targets - 4. Wind speed - 30 m / s. Weight crawler - 36t, on wheels - 30t. Dimensions - 8x3, 3x3, 8 m Crew - 4 pers.

    radar target detection 9S18M1-3 (see photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4, photo5). Triaxial coherent pulse surveillance radar 9S18M1 3-centimeter range with electronic beam scanning in the vertical plane is designed to scan the airspace with subsequent transfer of data (telecode line) for processing in the 9S510 command post. Radar mounted on crawler GM-567M. Antenna Type - phased waveguide-slot grille, scanning in azimuth - mechanically in elevation - electronically. Zone target detection: azimuth - 360 °, elevation - 50 °, on the range - 160 km (ESR = 1-2m2). Review period - 4.5-6 sec. Protected from interference station automatically using instantaneous rearrangement frequency pulses and also blocking intervals range. Glare from the ground and the underlying surface or other interference passive radar nature protected by compensating losses direction, wind speed and selectivity of the real goals. The total weight of the radar - 30t. A crew of 3 people. Time to transfer from traveling to combat and back - no more than 5 minutes. Dimensions - 8x3, 3x3, 8 pm

    SAM "Buk-M2E" compared with the base model was further upgraded in the following areas:

    military assets in complex specialized introduced modern digital computers (STSVM), which due to its high performance and memory, not only provide a solution of combat missions, but also modes of operation and crew training simulators means complex;

    teleoptichesky sight (TOV) is replaced by television, thermal imaging system that provides detection, capture and automatic tracking in passive mode, both in night and adverse weather conditions;

    documentation system of the complex is replaced by the Integrated (built-in) system objective control (ISOC) based on modern computer technology;

    hardware signal processing and display processor translated into treatment with the information on LCD monitors;

    means of communication replaced with modern digital radio capable of receiving - transmitting both voice data and encoded data targeting and target allocation;

    jobs operators with indicators based on cathode ray tubes (CRT) are replaced by workstations.

    complex 9K317 can be operated in different climatic zones, this air-conditioned car. The complex can be transported without restrictions of speed and distance by rail, air and water transport.


    The affected area:
    aircraft type F-15
    - By range, km
    - Height, km
    MAF type Lance
    - By range, km
    - Height, km
    KR type ALCM
    - By range at a height of 30 m, km
    - By range at an altitude of 6000m, km
    PRR type HARM
    - By range, km
    - Height, km
    surface targets km
    radio-ground targets, km




    Up to 20


    kill probability of one missile:
    - Nemanevriruyuschego aircraft type F-15
    - MAF type Lance
    - KR type ALCM
    - PRR type HARM
    - Helicopter


    number of simultaneously engaged targets

    Up to 24

    Maximum Target speed, m / s:
    - Approaching
    - Receding


    Rate of fire, with


    reaction time, with



    expand / collapse, min.


    Shared combat weapons

    20 years


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