Anti-aircraft missile system Tor-M2E



    chassis, Armoured

    management system:

    Office for radio








    12 km.

    year development:


    anti-aircraft missile complex torus m2e

    Air Defence Missile System (ADMS) "Tor-M2E" is intended for air defense units of ground forces during combat operations in the areas of concentration, protecting command posts, communications, radio aids, bridges, airfields and t . etc. against guided missiles, bombs, aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and other elements of precision weapons.

    SAM "Tor-M2E" represents a further development of the well-known complex 9K331 "Tor-M1". Compared with its predecessor, "Tor-M2E" has high reflection efficiency of massive raids modern air attack under heavy fire and electronic countermeasures. Channel complex "Tor-M2E" Targets increased to 4 (2 for "Tor-M1"), the lesion border adjustment and parameter increased to 8 and 10 km, respectively.

    complex was developed by the Research Institute of electromechanical (Moscow), made Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant "Dome." All complexes family "Thor" use a single anti-aircraft guided missile (SAM), which is created in the ICD "Torch".

    addition to basic hosting option means of combat SAM "Tor-M2E" crawler offered several alternatives of this complex. At MAKS-2007, MAKS-2009, MAKS-2011 version of the complex was demonstrated on a wheeled chassis MZKT-6922, providing improved operational characteristics on paved roads and improved habitability conditions calculation. SAMs in modular design received the designation of "Thor -M2KM ".


    The structure of SAM

    "Tor-M2E" include:

    Martial means:

    O fighting machine (BM) 9A331MK (on a wheeled chassis (see photo1, photo2, photo3) or BM 9A331MU (crawler);

    O SAM module (ZRM) 9M334 with four anti-aircraft guided missiles 9M331 (see description).

    Technical means:

    O freight loading vehicle (TRV) 9T244;

    O transport vehicle 9T245;

    O machine maintenance (battery MTO) 9V887M2K;

    O machine maintenance (regimental MTO) 9V887-1M2K;

    O machine group SPTA 9F399-1M2K;

    O set handling equipment 9F116;

    O simulator operators combat vehicles;

    O workshop maintenance MTO AG3M1.

    addition to the complex can be delivered mobile unified battery command post (BCP) 9S737MK. OPF 9S737MK manages group actions batteries BM, communication with the senior and middle echelons of defense.

    anti-aircraft missile complex torus m2e

    BM 9A331MK/9A331MU is an autonomous combat unit, which provides an overview of the circular space in a given sector in elevation, the detection and identification of air targets, air situation analysis, automatic selection of the most dangerous for fire purposes, capture, tracking of targets determining the moment of entry into the affected area, missile launch, their automatic guidance on goals by radio.

    Printsialnym honors "Tor-M2E" from its predecessor - the "Tor-M1" is the upgraded station target detection (SOC). SOC "Tor-M2E" equipped with a new antenna-based slot array, modified software and allows a station to detect targets with a small effective area of dispersion (EPR), created with the "stealth" technology. When This provides a much higher level of immunity in terms of combat, including interference from modern special samoprikrytiya. The new computer system has improved the information processing capabilities. Combat vehicles "Tor-M2E" vsesutochnaya installed a new electro-optical detection system (see photo).

    search, detection and identification of air targets can be maintained when moving or BM in place to support the transition goals and rocket is launched from a short stop. Fighting machine capable of performing combat work in the so-called. pipelined mode. In this mode, the vacant after the missile guidance to the target purpose firing channel can be activated immediately for guidance of the next rocket ammunition BM. The presence of pipelining increases the effectiveness of the system in conditions of massive raid enemy air attacks.

    In SAM

    realized the possibility of exchanging information between the two radar BM, which enables them to use with the "link" on the same site cover. BM radar detection, running in the "link" crawl space in his elevation zone, providing information the next car, so the detection zone is greatly extended. While BM can hit targets in the area of responsibility of any radar. In this case, increasing the efficiency of reflection attacks, as well as an opportunity to detect and engage low-flying targets. The "link" can also be effective in the event of failure of any SOC BM - the machine can continue to combat work using information neighboring BM.

    anti-aircraft missile module (ZRM) 9M334 (see photo) is designed to accommodate anti-aircraft guided missiles 9M331 during storage, transportation and combat use.

    The composition

    ZRM 9M334 include:

    up to 4 anti-aircraft guided missiles 9M331 (see description);

    sealed transport and launch container 9YA281 (see description);

    2 beams to build modules in the package, transport and storage.

    ZRM 9M334 is a single structure consisting of four transport-launch containers with installed SAM. In operation, the module may be four, three, two or one missile. Weight module with four missiles and beams - 1053kg. Dimensions of the container without beams 444h1223h3005 mm. Conditions of transportation - all kinds of transport packages.

    "Tor-M2E" may operate in a unified air defense system consisting of three levels: systems of large, medium and small range, as well as autonomously. In the complex there is almost complete automation of combat operation, the crew reduced to three people.

    air missile battery usually incorporates BCP four BM, two TLV, ammunition Zour, MTO.


    maximum horizontal range of fire, km


    minimum horizontal range of all m:
    - At a height of 10m
    - At an altitude of 100m

    to 1000

    Number of concurrent goals


    Number of targets tracked simultaneously with their ranking by hazard


    Number of simultaneously engaged targets


    Number of simultaneously induced missiles


    Maximum speed of the targeted objectives, m / c



    maneuver target


    Ammunition Zour on BM, pcs.

    two ZRM 8

    Loading time

    BM, min.



    deployment time from traveling to combat, min.



    speed, km / h:
    - By road
    - On dirt roads


    Cruising range, km (with a two-hour work equipment)


    Maximum weight

    BM, t


    Calculation BM, pers.


    Climatic conditions of operation:
    - Temperature, ° C
    - Humidity at a temperature of +35 ° C,%
    - Height above sea level, m
    - Wind speed, m / s

    ± 50

    The affected area

    SAM "Tor-M2E"

    Target setting

    The affected area

    In height, m

    range, m

    foreign exchange parameter, m

    speed of 300 m / s

    10 - 10 000

    1000 - 12 000



    speed of 600 m / s

    10 - 6000





    speed of 420 m / s, shooting in pursuit

    1500 - 10 000

    1000 - 8000

    WTO ESR greater than 0.1 m. m, up to 700 m / s

    50 - 6000

    1500 - 7000




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