Anti-radar missiles Kh-58U




    management system:

    Radar GOS








    250 km.

    year development:


    anti-radiation X-58U missile

    X-58U missile designed to destroy radar (radar) without entering an aircraft carrier in the affected area air defense missiles (SAM) type Hawk, Nike Hercules, Patriot. Combat use of the missile is provided in all weather conditions (rain, snow, fog), at any time of the year without any restrictions on the geographical latitude of the launch.

    Rocket X-58 was created in the ICD "Rainbow" led by Chief Designer - JS Selezneva. Main carrier rockets became specialized MiG-25BM, which is suspended up to four Kh-58. Installing the X-58 rocket plane MiG-25 was set by decree of the CC CPSU and SSSRv 1972. The aim was to defeat rearranging, briefly turns off the radar for masking, with a wide range of radiation. In addition, required the ability to choose the most dangerous objects and steerable.

    Development homing PSRP-58 and airborne system "Jaguar", providing detection of radar targets, was charged Omsk CDB automation. Together with the basic MiG-25 missiles and modification required for installation on the aircraft. The prototype of the MiG-25BM was established in 1976.

    In 1974, flight tests began PSRP-58 flying laboratory An-12 flight tests of the complex "Jaguar" unfolded in 1977, and in 1980 a new missile entered service. Joint tests armament industry and customer were long and ended in 1982. In addition to X-58, securing the suppression of enemy complexes operating in frequency bands A, B and C, was created an advanced X-58U with an extended range of letters A, A, B and C. Under the name X-58U (U - Universal) rocket also became part of the armament of the Su-24, Su-24M. X-58U has an increased dalnost flight differs from the X-58 with a new engine and improved aerodynamic fins.

    Sioux 17MZ, and M4 equipped with an overhead equipment control and target designation "Blizzard-17" (product A-086) in a hanging container developed in TsKBA led by V. Slavin, and also provides for the use of anti-radar missiles Kh-27PS. The Su-24M used equipment "Phantasmagoria" in two trim swap containers "A", "B" and "C" (articles 080 and L-L-081), depending on the type and letters alleged radar target. She became an improved version of the old board system "Filin-H" used on the Su-24 and differs extended range and improved performance. Serial production of this instrument has been established at the Barnaul plant. TsKBA also created a unified system of targeting PA-UR "Progress" for the Su-17, MiG-27 and MiG-23, which served for the use of existing (X-58, X-27PS, X-25MP) and advanced missiles, but work on It was folded in connection with the removal of these machines with weapons.

    Launch X-58E is used as part of armament of the Su-24MK, Su-22M4 and Su-25TK, MiG-25BM. Currently, "Raduga" offers complex project application missile with a missile Kh-58E with foreign fighters Mirage type-111E, F-15, F-16.

    Last version of the missile

    family X-58 was designated the X-58USHKE.

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    : create improved version of the Kh-58A to engage surface ships small and medium displacement.

    the west missile was designated AS-11 "Kilter".


    Kh-58U programmable built before starting spetsappapatypoy "Fantasmagopiya" (Su-24M) or pendant - "Blizzard." Domestic aircraft, mostly equipped with built-in intelligence and targeting missiles Kh-58U - "Fantasmagoniya".

    The composition

    missile system with the Kh-58E include:


    universal hanging container "blizzard",

    jet ejection device,

    operator panel and indicator targets.

    anti-radiation X-58U missile The Kh-58 (see projection layout scheme) is built on the normal aerodynamic scheme with fixed wing large area. Metal construction (stainless steel 30KhGSA, wings and tail of titanium OT4-1). Wing trapezoidal in plan. Aileron X-58U has not, and control on all three channels (roll, pitch and yaw), provided deviation rudders.

    power plant consists of a dual-mode solid-propellant rocket engine with a central nozzle.

    to energy performance X-58U comparable to air combat missiles (compared to thrust her more than twice greater than those measured X-23 and X-25). In the tail section around the nozzle block are control actuators - unconventional missiles in this class electromechanical machines. Choosing electromechanical powertrains dictated the same long-range and flight duration, for which resources or air gas generator power is not enough. Airborne nickel-cadmium battery with high capacity static power converters provides the systems and steering for at least 200c. Kinetic heating during flight at a high speed of 400 - 500 °, which resulted in widespread use of stainless steel - and titanium hromansilya 30KhGSA OT4-1 as a main structural material. Titanium fully cooked wing and tail, including the lining and rib. Power set of the fuselage of welded steel, and made of lightweight alloys units and spare parts are non-traditional outer thermal protection from heat-resistant sealant.

    high performance rocket achieved the transition to modern element base multichannel SAU and guidance equipment. Placement of equipment and systems required an increase in internal volume, and the development of an X-58U diameter of the shell was determined to be 380 mm (versus 275 mm in AUR X-25 and X-27PS).

    control system SAU-58 inertial multichannel passive radar homing type PSRP-58 (PSRP-58m). GOS X-58 type PWG-58m provides guidance on the radar operating in bands A, A ', B, B 'C, including working in pulsed mode and tunable (within the operating range of the head). DF device configured superheterodyne circuit (with search LO) has a high sensitivity, noise immunity and allows radar guidance on applying the restructuring of the carrier frequency from pulse to pulse. The system also includes a control prolongator preserving "memory" of the target position when it is turned off or "flickering" covert operation for up to 15 seconds.

    PWG-58m provides radar target selection in the spatial gate ± 5 ° of the carrier frequency and repetition period, tracking of targets selected pilot (operator), in the range of angles: at the rate of ± 30 °, pitch - from 10 ° to - 47 °. In the auto-tracking mode PSRP provides the control system signals proportional to the angle and angular velocity of the bearing line of sight targets. Before the target rocket is "a hill." Circular error probability (the probability of hitting - 80%) - 20 m

    high-explosive warhead

    weight 149 kg to 58.5 kg of explosives equipped with proximity fuse DOM-20 which is activated when flying over the target at an altitude of up to 5m, and the included electro-detonation device with inertial sensors (more reliable and secure than conventional contact), setting of overload at a direct hit. Equipment is also provided an X-58U nuclear warhead.

    For the suspension

    X-58 is specially designed jet ejection device 58 or AKU-AKU-58-1.

    for transportation and storage of used sealed container.

    anti-radiation X-58U missile When starting a pneumatic pusher ejection device displays a missile at a safe distance from the aircraft carrier. After missile launch aircraft carrier to participate in the mouse does not accept, and the pilot is free to evasive maneuver and maintenance purpose. Rocket engine after start within 3.6 s running at maximum thrust (6,000 kgs), performing acceleration. Then by profiling solid-checkers smaller with burning thrust decreases up to 1000 kg and engine within 15 working in the marching mode. Ctabiliziruetsya missile in roll, pitch and yaw, then the autopilot starts to climb until the current target bearing angle becomes equal to a predetermined (calculated on an aircraft carrier and stored in the memory circuit control system at the time of the rocket launch). Then made a U-turn at the target with a given overload, then the system switches to passive homing method of proportional convergence. Before the target missile performs a "hill." Undermining warhead occurs when flying over the target at a distance of 5 m or a direct hit.

    When a covert approach to the objects of air defense and starting from a height of 100m range is 60 km, reaching 250 km in an attack with a 10-km altitude (see start-up zone).

    With the advent of new types of weapons and equipment have been proposed and more promising ways to use and tactics: so, the Su-25T can be fitted with special NAR - decoys C 13ALTS that run on the course while approaching the area of defense and attacking aircraft simulating "provoking" work systems opponent. Their parameters are fixed board ACT "Pastel", and automatically notifies the pilot commands the complex jamming and the GOS data targeting X-58U for a rocket attack on the "lit up" purposes.

    anti-radiation X-58U missile Launch X-58USHKE (see photo 2) vnutrifyuzelyazhnyh and outdoor seating with a broadband (combined range of A, A ', B, B', C) passive radar homing and navigation system and automatic control based on strapdown navigation system is designed to destroy ground radar stations operating in the pulsed radiation in the range of carrier frequencies of 1.2 GHz and 11 ... in continuous wave mode in the range of A. Provides application missiles both radar-programmed goals so Targets and promptly found a system of targeting aircraft carrier.

    Launch X-58USHKE has a smaller wingspan and can be used with external points of the suspension of modern aircraft equipped with a system of targeting and equipped aircraft catapult type setting AKU-58, and with vnutrifyuzelyazhnyh suspension points (a catapult device type UVKU-50) . Solid rocket motor accelerates it to a speed of 4200 km / h, which makes X-58USHKE virtually invulnerable to existing and future air defense systems, and also provides the benefits of an aircraft carrier in a duel situation in land-based and shipborne air defenses.

    for transportation and storage of missiles X-58 used a sealed container.


    firing range, km

    - Minimal


    - maximum when starting from a height of 100m


    - maximum MiG-25BM


    - maximum when starting from a height of 10km

    245 (200 for the X-58E)

    Weapon Accuracy (CWE), m


    flight speed, km / h


    Height start



    Airspeed carrier km / h

    - standard for rocket


    - for a modernized missile


    Angle goal at missile launch

    ± 15 °


    - type


    - Weight, kg


    - damage radius, m


    - type fuse

    The proximity

    number of steps


    rocket length, mm

    4813-4850 (4190 for the X-58USHKE)

    The maximum diameter of the missile body, mm


    Wingspan mm

    1170 (800 for the X-58USHKE)

    Starting weight, kg


    Aviation launcher



    Empty weight PU, kg



    length, mm


    PU Width, mm



    height, mm


    shipping container

    - Empty Weight, kg


    - length mm


    - width mm


    - height, mm



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