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    surface ships

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    18 km.

    year development:


    anti-missile system malafon This complex is in service with the French Navy surface ships. Differs from the known anti-complex "Asroc" mainly to the fact that it is equipped suggestive launcher calculated only on one cruise missile carrier torpedo. The development of the complex was carried out for five years from 1960 to 1965., After which it entered production.

    It is not widespread, it was equipped with only a few different types of destroyers of the French Navy.


    anti-missile system malafon Complex" Malafon "consists of a cruise missile carrier with antisubmarine, acoustic, homing torpedo as its warhead, launcher, naval sonar and radio-command flight control system of the rocket in the air. Cruise missile, designed for airborne scheme has trapezoidal wing with ailerons and tail trehkilevym at first releases (Mk-1), 1 two-keel fins in later releases (Mk 2) and elevators. . Semi solid rocket motor is installed in the rear part of the cell suspension on the hinge.

    Warhead - French electric acoustic homing torpedo anti-submarine L-4 533 mm caliber. Its speed and range of the characteristics close to those of the American torpedo Mk-44. Speed of 30 knots, cruising range of 5 km, weight 525 kg (from 198 kg) explosive mass of 100 kg (40 kg instead). Torpedo two-thirds of its length is included in the booster housing.

    launcher ramp type has a single guide. Total maximum elevation rocket 20 °, and 10.5 tons weight of the system, the mass of the entire complex of 22 tonnes for storing 13 missiles torpedoes cellar has dimensions of 11.5 x12, 0 m from the supply system.

    position, course and speed of the target computer are determined according to the ship's sonar. Start by using two ventral solid boosters, jettisoned after dispersal rockets. At the boost phase, equal to one-third of the way, passable launch a torpedo in the air, the flight is carried out for a given program using a programmable control system. In rocket engine design point separated, and the rocket-torpedo continues gliding flight stabilized autopilot. Flight altitude is kept constant (about 100m) and controlled radio altimeter. Management team to ensure correct trajectory, transmitted by radio waves to the rocket. In the target area in a pre-calculated point located within 800 yards of the target, radio command, filed with the ship revealed a drogue parachute, flying missiles and torpedoes braked by inertia is separated from the rocket and enters the water. Further traffic management torpedoes in the water made using acoustic homing torpedo, which provides search boats.

    Given the significant weight and dimensions of the complex "Malafon", small distances and speed warhead (torpedoes) this complex, according to foreign naval specialists who are not among the best pieces anti-guided weapons.


    maximum range, km


    minimum range, km


    diameter rockets, m


    Missile length


    Wingspan, m


    number of steps


    flight speed, m / s

    140 - 200

    Maximum height trajectory, m


    Starting weight

    rocket torpedo, kg



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