Antitank missile AGM-114L Hellfire-Longbow




    management system:

    Radar GOS








    9 km.

    year development:


    antitank missile system agm-114l hellfire-longbow Anti-tank missile (ATGM) AGM-114L" Hellfire-Longbow "active radar homing head is designed to destroy enemy tank formations and other small targets at any time of day, in poor visibility conditions and in adverse weather conditions.

    complex designed by "Rockwell International" and "Lockheed Martin" based missiles AGM-114K "Hellfire-2" in the program AAWWS (Airbone Adverse Weather Weapon System) for attack helicopters AH-64D "Apache" and RAH-66 "Comanche". Effectiveness of the helicopter "Apache", framed complex "Longbow", has increased significantly due to the possibility of application of rockets in bad weather, possible starting salvo over the cluster of armored vehicles as well as by significantly reducing the time spent under fire helicopter hover rockets.

    First test firing LAW AGM-114L "Hellfire-Longbow" were held in June 1994. Complex adopted by the U.S. Army in 1998. Estimated volume purchases - 12905 pieces. Complex production by agreement between the "Lockheed Martin" and "Northrop Grumman" established company "Longbow Limited Liability Co (LBL)".

    According to unconfirmed reports

    complex used by NATO forces during the aggression against Yugoslavia in 1999goda.


    antitank missile system agm-114l hellfire-longbow As with the previous versions of" Hellfire "missile AGM-114L is based on a modular scheme and consists of five sections: homing (GOS) warhead (BSc ), control systems, and engine controls. Control system consists of a tank for compressed gas thermopile autopilot and inertial control gyroscope. Engine solid - "Thiokol" TX-657 (designation of the U.S. Navy - T773-3, the designation of the U.S. Army - M120E1), equipped with a low smoke zero charge. Warhead - tandem cumulative.

    modular design missiles to a high degree of interchangeability of units and aggregates the entire range of missiles AGM-114.

    Firm "Marconi Electronic Systems" for anti-tank AGM-114L developed active millimeter wave seeker. GOS is characterized by high noise immunity, resolution and accuracy due to the narrow radiation pattern of the antenna. GOS Range from 12 to 16 km. TRD GOS to be placed behind the antenna, manufactured chips based on gallium arsenide. Operating frequency of GOS (94 GHz) is chosen from the condition to ensure reliable operation in rain, fog and the greatest resolution. Complex with GOS "Marconi Electronic Systems" called "Brimstone" adopted in the UK.


    goals by using the aiming system TADS (Target Acquisition Disignation Sight) or fire control radar nadvtulochnoy AN/APG-78 (FCR - Fire Control Radar), the data are transmitted from the missile seeker in AGM-114L.

    Sighting system has an infrared tracking system with a 30-fold increase AN/UAS-12C, which provides a thermal image of the target day and night, daytime television camera and camera DVO for full-color large display purposes as in dark conditions, and sunlight the light.

    AN/APG-78 radar has stealth action that increases the survival of the helicopter on the battlefield and in conjunction with the onboard equipment provides:

    Automatic detection of moving and stationary targets;

    recognizing and identifying the importance of the observed goals in five classes ground and air targets;

    support the detected targets whose coordinates are transmitted to the missile AGM-114L.

    missile target capture can be performed either before the start or after the start, depending on whether the goal is to capture zone missile seeker. In the latter case, the initial motion of the missile flight phase is controlled by an inertial control system. Guidance missiles AGM-114L is possible with external transfer targeting data link from other helicopters with the complex "Longbow", while helicopters are located at a distance of more than 700 meters from each other.

    complex "Hellfire-Longbow" includes a new two - or four-way launcher M299. PU M299 is designed for standart 356 mm suspension components NATO and has a digital multiplexer interface MIL-STD-1760. Empty weight PU M299 in on-off version - 43.6kg, in the four-position - 66kg. Curb weight PU - 141 and 260kg respectively. M299 can be used to run all the previous versions of missiles "Hellfire", starting with the AGM-114A.

    The HOMS ("Hellfire Optimized Missile System") to further modernize ATGM "Hellfire", proposed by developer includes a number of works in the following areas:

    equipping missiles AGM-114 shaped-charge warhead with the top two charges that are activated in sequence before explosion of the main charge warhead that allows to overcome the multi-layered armor dynamic current and future tanks.

    pulsating propulsion engine development, the use of which will increase the missile range by 50%.

    drag reduction and launch mass to 36.3kg, by optimizing the design of a rocket and the use of modern materials.

    equipping rocket thrust vector control system and the boundary layer to increase the maneuverability of AGM-114.

    by "Rockwell International" for missile AGM-114 is offered with a mosaic infrared homing receiver on cadmium telluride (Cd-Te) in the focal plane containing 128x128 sensitive elements. Launch this GOS can be used as against tanks and helicopters against the enemy.


    Range of fire

    0.5 - 9000

    flight speed missiles, M



    rocket kg


    Diameter, mm




    span stabilizers mm



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