Antitank missile HJ-8



    chassis, helicopters, armored vehicles, portable

    management system:

    Office of wire








    4 km.

    year development:


    antitank missile system hj-8 Chinese antitank missile system HJ-8 (Hong Jian -" Red Arrow ") refers to the second generation anti-tank guided missiles to weaponization People's Liberation Army of China. Development LAW HJ-8 began in 1970, in 1984, the complex has been tested and put into service. HJ-8 ATGM replaced his predecessor HJ-73 and became the standard anti-tank in the ground forces of the PRC. The complex is operated in the PRC as the NLA wearable-transportable complex, used for equipping infantry fighting vehicles, light truck chassis and helicopters.

    LAW HJ-8 repeatedly upgraded to increase armor penetration and accuracy. Currently, the developer proposed option HJ-8L, intended for use in any weather, at any time and having increased combat effectiveness. Overall, its design and purpose combat capabilities LAW HJ-8 is similar to the American anti-tank "Tow".

    China vneshnetogovoy Corporation "NORINCO" HJ-8 various modifications exported to Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and some African countries. In Pakistan, with minor changes made under license complex called "Baktar Shikan". Development and maintenance of complex "Baktar Shikan" carries Pakistani company "Institute of Industrial Control Systems" (formerly called "Khan Research Laboratories"). According to unconfirmed reports, this version has been successfully used for Bosnian Muslims against the Serbian army during the civil war in Yugoslavia.



    complex comprises 8:

    controlled solid-fuel missile,


    control equipment (optical sight with a 12-fold increase, the receiver of infrared radiation, resolver),

    accessories to verify proper operation and maintenance of the missile control system.

    rocket consists of a two-stage solid propellant (kickoff and marching) warhead, compartment management system, infrared alarm system and drop-in-flight stabilizers. Marching solid motor is located in the center and is equipped with four oblique nozzles in the cowling missiles, solid propellant starter - is located in the tail of the ATGM. Stabilizers disclosed placed at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the missile and the rotation support in flight.

    semiautomatic control system with infrared instruments tracking missiles and control commands over a wire. In applying the HJ-8 missiles, the operator must keep the goal in sight until the end of the missile, infrared tracking system automatically keeps a rocket to the line of sight. Sights, optical guidance system equipment and infrared tracking system mounted on the launcher.

    antitank missile system hj-8


    HJ-8A - modernizirovannny option, compared to the baseline HJ-8 is more powerful warhead and an improved engine, increase the maximum range of up to 3km.

    HJ-8C - improved version, production of which began in the mid-1990s. ATGM equipped with new tandem warhead for the actions of reactive armor and the engine and range of up to 4km. Contact fuse fitted with bow rod.

    HJ-8E - newly designed digital control system provides increased shooting accuracy by 90%. The complex is additionally equipped with a new infrared sight PTI-32 for action at night.

    HJ-8L - last modified c most high performance armor piercing (up to 1000mm) and combat effectiveness. The complex has a new lightweight launcher equipped with a periscope sight that greatly reduced the vulnerability of the operator from enemy fire. The launcher can be used with HJ-8 ATGM all modifications, the control system automatically recognizes the type of missiles installed and selects the control mode.

    temperature range from -40 ° C to +50 ° C, in all climatic zones.

    For maintenance complex provides spare parts of three types: ZIP 1st tier is designed for a quick check of serviceability of PU and control immediately before the; APP 2nd and 3rd tier is designed to adjust and check the correct position of the axis of the IR system support and direction axis starting from the optical line of sight, as well as verification of the system components to replace them. APP is transported by conventional cars.

    for preparation and training operators complex uses special training equipment that simulates combat use on targets of different types at different distances.

    complex "Baktar Shikan" perfected by Pakistani experts in parallel with the modernization LAW HJ-8. Compared with the original version of it made the following key changes: installed thermal sight is equipped with a tandem warhead ATGM cumulative effects, improved equipment check on the functioning of the complex and its reduced weight, and increased battery life. Maximum range is 3 km away. Control equipment LAW "Baktar Shikan" provides automatic tracking of missiles at boresight target. In a figurative embodiment complex is broken down into four a pack weighing no more than 25kg including: the impact block (IR goniometer weight - 12.5kg), block management system (weight 24kg), launcher (weight 23kg) and missiles in TPK. You can use as a part of LAW "Baktar Shikan" HJ-8 missiles of all versions. It was also reported on the finalization of advanced digital guidance system based on a complex 32-bit processor firm "Intel".

    complex HJ-8 can be placed on a variety of media, ranging from jeeps to helicopters and infantry fighting vehicles from different manufacturers.

    Construction of the complex allows its use on different types of helicopters up to the light. No. PU installed on a helicopter depends on the model of the helicopter and may be different. Complex HJ-8 mounted on attack helicopters WZ-9 (licensed version of the French helicopter SA-365N "Dauphin-2" - export designation - Z-9G.), Has 4 PU (2 on each side). A variant of this complex equipment of Russian Mi-17 helicopter, French SA.341 "Gazelle" and others.

    In land forces the PLA operated antitank system HJ-8 on the basis of an elongated light car chassis BJ2020SAJ (4x4). Designed as a self-propelled anti-tank complex option-based armored YW534 ("Type 89")


    designed accommodation option upgraded LAW "Baktar Shikan" chassis-roader "Landrover" (wheel formula 4x4), which is equipped with a place to carry two additional missiles in TPK. Aeromobile complex - can be transported by helicopter type or CH-47 transport aircraft. Propelled LAW "Baktar Shikan" can be placed on the basis of various combat vehicles (see photo), including American APC M113A1.

    propelled LAW, designated "Adnan", designed for the Malaysian Armed Forces. LAW "Adnan" is a retractable turret with a launcher "Baktar Shikan" iron sights and placed on the chassis of the infantry fighting vehicle ACV-300. LAW additionally equipped with 7.62mm machine gun and 76mm smoke grenades.


    Maximum firing range

    3000 (4000 for HJ-8 C / E / L)

    minimum range, m


    Penetration, mm

    800 (1000 for HJ-8L)

    Penetration at an angle 68 °, mm

    180 (220 HJ-8L)

    Rate of fire / min


    - Length mm
    - Case diameter mm
    - Scope stabilizers mm
    - Starting weight, kg
    - Airspeed, m / c


    IR goniometer:
    - Dimensions mm
    - Angle

    480 x 150 x 280
    6 °

    - Dimensions mm
    - Weight kg
    - Pointing angle vertically
    - Pointing angle horizontally

    327 x 368 x 994
    from -7 ° to +13 °
    360 °

    transport and launch container:
    - Length mm
    - Diameter, mm
    - The weight of the rocket, kg



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