Antitank missile system 9K123 Chrysanthemum



    management system:

    Office for radio








    6 km.

    year development:


    antitank missile system 9k123 Chrysanthemum Complex "Chrysanthemum" is designed to defeat modern and future tanks of any type, including those fitted with explosive reactive armor. In addition to armor complex can affect tonnage surface targets, hovercraft, subsonic low-flying air targets, structures made of reinforced concrete, steel shelters and bunkers.

    distinctive properties LAW "Chrysanthemum" are:

    High immunity to radio - and IR interference,

    simultaneous targeting of two missiles at various targets,

    small flight time by supersonic missiles,

    the-clock use and adverse weather conditions, as well as the presence of dust - and smoke interference.

    LAW "Chrysanthemum" in developed MSC (Kolomna). "Chrysanthemum-C" - the most powerful of all the currently available anti-land systems. Large range of effective fire fighting and in any weather conditions, security, high rate of fire makes it indispensable during both offensive and defensive operations of ground forces.


    antitank missile system 9k123 Chrysanthemum The main feature of this anti-tank - the ability to hit bronesredstva on the battlefield without the need for optical and thermal imaging sight. "Chrysanthemum-S" is equipped with its own radar that operates in the radio waves - 100-150 GHz (2-3-mm wave). The radar provides detection and tracking of targets with simultaneous control of missiles hover. Tracking and management process is carried out automatically, without operator intervention. Due to the additional laser guidance system ATGM operator can fire a volley at the same time on two different objects using different channels targeting.

    9M123 missile built by the normal aerodynamic scheme. Aerodynamic control surfaces placed perpendicular plane of the axes of nozzles engine and drive are in the tail of the missile. Fender flares structurally similar applications on a rocket complex "Storm" and placed in front of a nozzle unit.

    missile can be equipped with different types of combat units. Missile 9M123-2 (see photo 1, photo 2) is equipped with a powerful nadkalibernoy tandem warhead diameter of 152 mm and hit behind ERA armor thickness of 1.100 -1.200 mm. There Trim missile fragmentation (thermobaric) warhead, in this case, it is index-2 9M123F.

    antitank missile system 9k123 Chrysanthemum Built on the chassis of the BMP-3 combat vehicle 9P157-2 with a crew of two people of ammunition carries 15 missiles 9M123-2 or 9M123F-2 transport-launch containers (TLC). It has a high maneuverability and high maneuverability, with a means of collective and individual protection against weapons of mass destruction, fording afloat through 2 water jets at a speed of 10 km / h without pretreatment.

    Along with retractable launcher with two missiles TPK (see photo) is closer to the left side as the radar antenna is located (see photo). Selecting necessary to perform combat missions missiles from combat pack (see photo) is done automatically by the operator. All processes related to the transfer of the launcher from traveling to combat and back, loading and reloading are fully automated and carried out by the operator using a special control in the workplace.


    fighting vehicles "Chrysanthemum-S" are able to successfully repel a company of tanks in the amount of fourteen units. Ability to work a few MB in one or more closely spaced objectives.

    subdivision of "Chrysanthemum-S" are composed of:

    combat vehicle commander (BMC) 9P157-4, providing early detection and identification purposes, to determine their origin and distribution of targets between the linear machines with the issue of target coordinates.

    facilities maintenance:

    O control and screening machine 9V945 for combat vehicle maintenance 9P157-2;

    O control and testing machines to test missiles 9V990;

    training aids - 9F852 simulator.

    9F852 simulator designed to prepare military machine operators, maintenance and improvement of their professional skills. The simulator: 9P157 simulators operator console, power products 1L32, remote control 1V150-1 1K118 products, combined optical device management products from the BM 1K118 9P157, the switching unit. Micro-controller side switching exchanges data between your PC and a console hardware simulators. "Start" missiles accompanied by visual and audio effects, concomitant shooting war machine, sound gathering rockets, smoke from the rocket engine noise and background sound "battlefield." On the monitor screen simulator visual conditions formed a three-dimensional color image purposes (such as - tank, infantry fighting vehicles, helicopter), reticle, rangefinder and an angular scale.


    tasks for training in optical-beam and combined modes

    target group - two or three group;

    speed ground targets - from 5 to 60 km / h;

    types of targets movement - flank, frontal, oblique, "snake" on sredneperesechennoy terrain.


    tasks for training in radar mode:

    target group (three to five per group);

    speed ground targets - from 10 to 60 km / h, air target - up to 340 km / h;

    types of movement ground targets: flank, frontal, oblique, "snake" on sredneperesechennoy terrain column moving point targets at a given Rebezha.

    Complex "Chrysanthemum C" versatile and has the ability to organize media with capacity of at least 3 tons. Also provides an opportunity to organize complex as anti-ship weapons on boats.


    Range of fire


    flight speed, m / c


    Starting weight

    missiles 9M123, kg


    weight of the rocket in TPK, kg


    Dimensions 9M123 missile, mm:
    - Length
    - Case diameter
    - Wingspan



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