Antitank rifle Kb ppanc wz.35 / Kb Ur wz.35 / Karabin Maroszka

    anti-tank gun kb ppanc wz.35 / kb ur wz .35 / karabin maroszka
    anti-tank gun kb ppanc wz.35 / kb ur wz.35 / karabin maroszka

    Kb ppanc wz.35 (Kb Ur wz.35)

    In the first half of the 1930s Polish gunsmiths, the program for the development of anti-infantry melee weapons, work was begun on the creation of anti-tank rifle (PTR). The development team, consisting of P. Vilnivchits (P. Wilniewczyc), E. Stsetke (E. Szetke), Felchin T. (T. Felsztyn) headed engineer of the State Armory «Panstwowa Fabryka Karabinow» Warsaw Marozhek Joseph (Jozef Maroszek).

    < td> Sighting range, m
    Caliber, mm 7,92 × 107
    Length mm 1760
    Barrel length, mm 1200
    Weight empty, kg 9.1
    store count. cartridges 4
    Rate of fire / min 8 - 10
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 1250
    (Distance / angle of incidence / piercing)
    100 m / 90o / 30 mm

    Especially for this weapon was developed a new cartridge rifle caliber (7.92 mm) with a long sleeve and increased powder charge. However, when developing PTR designers are faced with the problem of enhancing the capacity of its arms, which have tried to increase capacity while the mass of powder charge. In particular, when the pressure in the bore to 3500 kg / m. see decline began operating as a weapon, including a deterioration of the extraction sleeve and create a hazardous gas burst through the cap sleeve. As a result, the barrel life weapons was only 20 shots.

    After several studies and tests Polish designers managed not only to bring the resource PTR barrel life up to 300 shots, but also greatly enhance his fighting qualities, and primarily to significantly increase the muzzle velocity up to 1250 m / s by using a new cartridge 7.92 x107 mm armor-piercing bullet and the barrel of the gun extension.

    on military trials in November 1935 PTR showed a more than justice, after which a decision was made on its adoption by the army of Poland with the designation «Kb ppanc wz.35» (Karabin przeciwpancerny wzor 35 - anti-tank rifle model 1935 years). However, the first batch of weapons to the troops arrived only in 1938.

    anti-tank gun kb ppanc wz.35 / kb ur wz.35 / karabin maroszka
    Closed gate (top) and open the shutter (bottom)
    PTR Kb ppanc wz.35

    In order to ensure secrecy gun had no name «Kb Ur» and «wz.35 Ur», that would testify on exports to Uruguay. Other weapons include the designation of the name «Kb Export» or «Karabin Maroszka». The factory guns marked as «Kb Ur wz.35».

    On the technical side

    Polish anti-tank gun belonged to the classical type of magazine rifles with longitudinal rotary bolt with manual reset.

    bore is locked by turning the bolt type produced Mauser, who had two symmetrical lugs front and one rear auxiliary.

    firing mechanism - striker type. The special features of the design of this weapon is a way to ensure the impossibility of lowering the hammer when not fully latched gate. Used for this purpose reflector, which is recessed valve stem when locking and stop trigger, preventing descent with cocking the hammer. During closing at full turn shutter reflector into the recesses of the stem, thus releasing the trigger.

    anti-tank gun kb ppanc wz.35 / kb ur wz.35 / karabin maroszka
    Muzzle Brake PTR Kb ppanc wz.35

    Barrel with 6 rifling, marching clockwise, the chamber was attached to the thread. After every 300 rounds barrel was replaced with a spare. Therefore, each set consisted of 3 spare gun barrel.

    At the end of a long stem was attached cylindrical muzzle brake active action reduces recoil action shotguns more than 60%.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazines for 4 rounds. Shops joined bottom rifles and fixed with two latches.

    Sights consisted of permanent open sight, calculated on the firing range of 300 meters, however, the effective range was about 100 m

    anti-tank gun kb ppanc wz.35 / kb ur wz.35 / karabin maroszka
    Bipod PTR Kb ppanc wz.35
    When folded,

    MFR had a rifle whole box. Nape amplified metal butt plate. Bottom-lodges rifle sling was attached to a gun belt.

    for greater stability when shooting and ease of aiming the gun was equipped with a two-legged folding bipod fastened to the rotating sleeve around the barrel.

    In the mid-1930s PTR Kb ppanc wz.35 (Kb Ur wz.35) became the first Polish antitank weapon melee, which combined with a relatively low weight for this class of weapons, and the possibility of its masking ability to reside in combat formations of infantry allowed to fight at short ranges against light and medium tanks of some types of potential opponents, punching armor thickness of 30 mm at a distance of 100 m at an angle of 90 degrees. However, this rifle along with advantages and were characterized by large gaps in the combat capabilities of weapons: great length, as well as low armor at a distance of more than 100 m

    anti-tank gun kb ppanc wz.35 / kb ur wz.35 / karabin maroszka
    Kb ppanc wz.35 (Kb Ur wz.35)
    Bipod Production

    MFR performed by the Warsaw Panstwowa Fabryka Karabinow. Delivery of weapons to the troops were launched in 1938 in sealed bottles (each box was one MFI, three spare barrel and three stores). In October 1938, the Polish Army was the first 2,000 rifles, and in August 1939 already 3500 PTR, which is about 45% of the planned 7610 pieces.

    In parts of the Polish army rifle with spare parts and accessories are stored in separate sealed boxes, which could be opened only after the order of the Minister of Defense in the case of a general mobilization. On the existence of the Polish military rifles did not know until July 1939, when in an atmosphere of secrecy was initiated personnel training infantry and cavalry. Trained for three soldiers from each company and squadron. Shooting exercises conducted with the participation of a limited contingent of military officers. Some details were known company commanders.

    Excessive secrecy measures led to the fact that it is a powerful time for his anti-tank weapons remained undeveloped and was not used properly in September 1939 in the war with Germany.

    Wehrmacht as trophies got 886 MFR Kb ppanc wz.35. Received index PzB 35 (p) guns operated by the troops «Waffen SS» and used in the war against the Soviet Union until 1942 MFR Part PzB 35 (p) Germans transferred the Italian army, where they were adopted by the designation «Fucile Contracarro 35 (P) ».

    anti-tank gun kb ppanc wz.35 / kb ur wz.35 / karabin maroszka

    Kb ppanc wz.35 (Kb Ur wz.35)
    With folded bipod


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