Antitank rifle Oerlikon SSG 32 / SSG 36

    anti-tank gun oerlikon ssg 32 / ssg 36

    Oerlikon SSG 32

    In 1932, the Swiss company «Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik Oerlikon» was developed large-caliber semi-automatic anti-tank rifle (MFR) to get the index SSG 32 (Schweres Selbtsladen Gewehr 32 - heavy semi-automatic rifle model 1932). This weapon had a certain similarity with automatic air gun Becker, which was developed and applied in the German Air Force during the First World War.

    In MFR

    Oerlikon SSG sample '32 used 20 mm cartridges 20x72 RB. Spiky shell of ammunition had enough strength to break through bulletproof armor of light tanks and armored cars (20 mm at a distance of 100 m).

    SSG 32 SSG 36
    Caliber, mm 20x72 RB 20x110 RB
    Length, 1450 1727
    Barrel length, mm 750 840
    Weight empty, kg 30.0 8.5
    Shop count. cartridges 5, 10 5, 10
    Rds / min
    8 - 10 8 - 10
    Sighting range
    Fire, m
    500 500
    Muzzle velocity
    Projectile, m / s
    555 750
    (Distance, m /
    Angle of incidence, deg /
    Penetration, mm)

    SSG 32 was carried out under the force of the impact. Gun had a massive spring-loaded bolt and fixed barrel. Shot came when the bolt moves forward.

    barrel of the weapon was equipped with a muzzle brake.

    trigger mechanism allows keeping only a single lamp. Practical rate was 8-10 rounds per minute.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazines, merged horizontally left. Used magazines for 5 and 10 cartridges.

    Sights consisted of mechanical adjustable open sights and sector type flies.

    weapons are placed on the bipod, secured to the front of the barrel. For additional support and fixing weapons in position under the shoulder rest was mounted flap opener.

    Strong recoil partially offset muzzle brake, bipod assembly and buffer-absorber shoulder emphasis.

    Archery PTR is as follows: Platoon arrows on the right side handle weapons until it clicks, put the gun on the fuse and insert store of ammunition. After removing the safety produced guidance to the target and descent. Shutter begins to move forward, seized cartridge and input motion occurred triggering drummer. At this point, the cartridge is not yet fully got into the chamber. Energy gases slowed shutter and pushed him back.

    disadvantage gun was a high speed braking force, which caused a strong surge of weapons, which affected the accuracy. This shortcoming was partially offset by a modernized version released in 1936.

    anti-tank gun oerlikon ssg 32 / ssg 36

    Oerlikon SSG 36

    In 1936 PTR Oerlikon SSG 32 to improve efficiency has undergone modifications. New rifle received the designation SSG 36.

    PTR SSG 36 has been redesigned under the more powerful 20-mm cartridge 20x110 RB with a long sleeve and more powerful powder charge than 20x72 RB. Muzzle velocity increased by almost 200 meters per second.

    anti-tank gun oerlikon ssg 32 / ssg 36
    Principle of operation

    model 1936 has not changed from the previous model in 1932, but the bolt is longer and heavier. Was applied more powerful and longer spring and a massive trunk. Improved trigger mehanimz. Have an additional fuse behind the trigger. Bipod moved to the front of the receiver buffer and improved shock absorber shoulder emphasis.

    Shotgun acquired much greater stability when shooting and increased armor (27 mm at a distance of 100 m).

    anti-tank gun oerlikon ssg 32 / ssg 36

    Oerlikon SSG 36

    antitank rifle Oerlikon SSG 36 is a fairly reliable and easy to maintain weapons. However, it had a strong impact, and by the end of 1930 - beginning of the 1940s it no longer meets the requirements for tanks armor penetration.


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