Antitank rifle Panzerbuchse PzB 40 M / Model 41

    anti-tank gun panzerb ü chse pzb 40 m / model 41

    MFR Model 41 (PzB 40 M)

    At the beginning of World War II as an antitank infantry anti-tank guns were used by the Wehrmacht (MFR) PzB PzB 38 and 39 armor penetration of up to 30 mm. However, the creation of new tanks and increased thickness of the armor showed the ineffectiveness of these guns against modern tanks.

    So in 1940 were big competitive tests of new samples of German anti-tank rifles, which were intended to replace singly PzB PzB 38 and 39. Then the German designers have offered a number of experienced self-loading rifles with elevated anti-martial and performance, designed for use cartridge «Patrone 318" (metric designation 7.92x94). Tactical and technical characteristics of the presented prototypes PTR despite a strong variation in the designs were very similar, which was due to very strict conditions for the job. For tests were presented antitank rifles models 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44.

    Model 41 anti-tank gun, get the index «PzB 40 M», was created by the designers of the company «Mauser Werke» in Oberndorf am Neckar.


    this rifle worked on the principle of removal of powder gases from the bore. Locking by turning the bolt.

    Caliber, mm 7,92 h94
    (Patrone 318)
    Length mm 1670
    Barrel length, mm 1085
    Weight empty, kg 12.5
    store count. cartridges 8
    Skokrostrelnost, rds / min 32

    trigger mechanism allowed only a single firing rate of a practical 32 rounds / min.

    Food arms ammunition was carried out from the box store sector type capacity for 8 rounds, is inserted into the receiver on the left side of the receiver.

    trunk, tapering toward the muzzle, was mounted on the bed motionless arms. To reduce recoil when firing on the trunk fastened powerful muzzle brake.

    strut-type iron sight. Fly defended ring guard.

    For stabilization when shooting and reduce the size of the gun in the stowed position, the trunk was fixed at two-legged folding bipod.

    for carrying weapons served flip sideways handle mounted on top of the barrel.

    To reduce recoil shoulder rest equipped with rubber butt pad.

    When making individual parts of the semi-automatic shotgun used by stamping.

    In October 1940, took careful multilateral test antitank rifle PzB 40 M. However, it is adopted as the model of other companies, participants of the contest was not accepted.


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