Antitank rifle Panzerbuchse PzB 40 W / Model 40

    anti-tank gun panzerb ü chse pzb 40 w / model 40

    MFR Model 40 (PzB 40 W)

    the beginning of World War II armed infantry units of the German army were anti-tank guns (MFR) PzB PzB 38 and 39 armor penetration of up to 30 mm. However, the creation of new tanks and increased thickness of the armor showed the ineffectiveness of anti-tank weapons.

    In this regard, in 1940 were big competitive tests of new samples of the German anti-tank rifles, which were intended to replace singly PzB PzB 38 and 39. Then the German designers have offered a number of experienced self-loading rifles with elevated anti-martial and performance, designed for use of a standard 7.92-mm cartridge «Patrone 318" (metric designation 7.92x94) with armor-piercing bullet SmK and armor-Tracing-chemical SmKHRs-L . Spur. Tactical and technical characteristics of the presented prototypes PTR despite a strong variation in the designs were very similar. This was due to very strict conditions for the job. To test the samples included the following anti-tank guns models: 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44.

    antitank rifle «Model 40", to get the index «PzB 40 W», was created by the designers of the company «Carl Walther GmbH» together with the firm «Merz Werke» in Frankfurt am Main.

    feature of this self-loading rifle was the widespread use of stamping parts for the manufacture of the majority.

    Caliber, mm 7,92 h94
    (Patrone 318)
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed

    Barrel length, mm 1085
    Weight empty, kg 14.6
    store count. cartridges 8
    Skokrostrelnost, rds / min 32

    Automation PzB 40 W worked on the principle of removal of powder gases from the bore. Locking lever shutter is swinging in a vertical plane.

    trigger mechanism allows keeping only a single lamp with a practical rate of 32 shots per minute.

    extraction of spent cartridges carried up.


    MFR produced ammunition store of the box-type container for a sector eight cartridges installed in the lower receiver.

    Barrel PzB 40 W single-chamber equipped with sufficiently effective muzzle brake, significantly reduces recoil when firing.

    gun was evolving under the receiver, stamped metal stock and bipod from MG 34 machine gun.

    company Walther produced six little to distinguish between the samples PzB 40 W and one of them trigger mechanism was adapted to fire both single and automatic fire. From this MFR on tests was made 6600 shots.

    In October 1940, held a thorough testing of the new multilateral anti-tank rifle, but it is adopted as the model of other firms, was not accepted. Though some reports, by "Walter", allegedly, was released on a very limited series rifles PzB 40 W, which were equipped with a telescopic sight and used in a number of commando units as heavy sniper rifle.


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