Antitank rifle Shpitalniy

    anti-tank gun Shpitalniy

    Shpitalniy antitank rifle

    In 1939 Scientific Testing Ground small arms (NIPSVO) were tested anti-tank rifles, developed under the use of a new cartridge h114 14.5 mm (before the approval of the ammunition). Among other developments Soviet designers such as Rukavishnikova and Vladimirov, was presented and experimental PTR Shpitalniy system.

    anti-tank gun was a single-shot Shpitalniy gun with manual loading, and automatic gate opening to increase the practical rate of fire and facilitate extraction.

    Automation guns worked on the principle of recoil (short stroke barrel). The barrel is locked by tilting hinged shutter maintained in a locked position by a special liner. The upper part of the gate is in the form of the tray through which the loading rifles and extraction of spent cartridges.

    hammer type firing mechanism is cocked when unlocking the gate. It features anti-tank rifle Shpitalniy treated trigger, which was not provided for the fuse.

    Reflection spent cartridges carried movable extractor enshrined in the receiver.

    public sector type sight on high ground, calculated on the firing range up to 1500 m

    On the barrel is mounted an elongated flame arrestor.

    gun was supplied with folding bipod and wooden butt.

    Shpitalniy PTR testing in 1939 did not survive, adopted and was not taken into production has been received, remained a prototype.


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