Antitank rifle Solothurn S18-100

    anti-tank gun solothurn s18-100

    Solothurn S18-100

    anti-tank gun solothurn s18-100

    Solothurn S18-100
    Caliber, mm 20h105
    Length mm 1760
    Barrel length, mm 930
    Weight empty, kg 40
    store count. cartridges 5, 10
    Rate of fire / min 15-20
    Sighting range, m 1500
    (Distance / angle of incidence / piercing)
    100 m / 90o / 35 mm
    300 m / 90o / 27 mm

    At the end of World War I German arms concern «Rheinmetall-Borsig AG» started to develop anti-tank weapons. Then the director of the concern dyuseldorfskogo Heinrich Ehrhardt (Heinrich Ehrhardt) created several projects 20-mm automatic cannon. However, the present work on such weapons were developed 10 years later, when the chief engineer F. Gerlach Rheinmetall together with engineer Theodore Rakul Ehrhardt continued research. On the basis of automatic gun Ehrhardt, who worked on the principle of recoil barrel with a short course by introducing the locking system proposed another prominent German gunsmith Louis Stange, created a new weapon. It consisted of a 20-mm automatic gun, which could be used as weapons of all kinds: as anti-aircraft, anti-tank, Tank (S 5-100, S 5-105, S 5150), and allowed installation on different carriages and mountings.

    anti-tank gun solothurn s18-100
    Solothurn S18-100

    However, like many other German development of this weapon did not appear under the symbol «Rheinmetall». The Treaty of Versailles did not allow the company Rheinmetall produce novelty under its own brand. Even her development is a violation of the restrictions imposed on Germany. In order to conceal such works Germans used their branch in Switzerland «Waffenfabrik Soloturn AG» (1929 Soloturn firm began to belong to the German company Rheinmetall). New weapons, made in Germany, began to produce under the brand name Swiss designation «Soloturn».

    anti-tank gun solothurn s18-100

    device PTR Solothurn S18-100

    In 1932, one of the options was the heavy guns, semi-automatic, magazine-anti-tank gun that could exploit 20x105 mm cartridge. New MFR received the designation «Soloturn S 18-100».

    anti-tank gun solothurn s18-100
    Mechanical sight Solothurn S18-100

    Automation antitank rifle worked on the principle of recoil barrel with its short stroke. The barrel is locked by rotation occurred clutch mounted on the breech and her engagement with the projections lugs the sliding bolt. When moving barrel and slide back under the force of the recoil lug coupling entered into an inclined groove box, turned and clutch is unlocked. Trunk stayed and continued to move the bolt back, came the release of the sleeve shoot, cocked the hammer mechanism and by a shock spring recharge cycle ended. To recharge manually served rocker arm on the right side of the box, which was connected by a chain with a mobile system. When the magazine is empty, the shutter was open. Once inserted a full magazine, fixing unlock. Shutter slid forward, would pick up the first cartridge, insert it into the chamber and the gun is ready to fire again.

    anti-tank gun solothurn s18-100
    Muzzle Brake Solothurn S18-100

    trigger mechanism allows keeping only a single lamp.

    anti-tank gun solothurn s18-100
    recline shoulder rest-shock
    Solothurn S18-100

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazines, merged horizontally left. Used magazines for 5 or 10 rounds.

    Mechanical sights consisted of open adjustable sights sector type, calculated at a range of 1500 m and also could be used riflescope 2.5-multiplicity allows shooting up to 1200 m

    trunk equipped with a muzzle brake. In the barrel rifling performed eight right-handed.

    weapons are placed on the bipod. For additional support and fixing weapons in position under the shoulder rest was mounted flap opener, with adjustable height.

    Strong recoil partially offset muzzle brake, bipod assembly and buffer-absorber shoulder emphasis.

    Practical rate was 15-20 rounds per minute.

    anti-tank gun solothurn s18-100
    Solothurn S18-100

    In battle rifle was transferred to the hands of the calculation, and for long-distance transportation used a special two-wheeled trolley.

    Anti-tank rifles

    model Solothurn S18-100 had limited commercial success. Small quantities of them purchased the armed forces of Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Finland.

    In the mid-1930s engineers «Waffenfabrik Soloturn AG» decided to increase the effectiveness of these weapons, anti-tank gun under the redesigned more powerful 20x138 mm projectiles. New MFR received the designation Solothurn S18-1000, and at its base was soon created a "universal instrument» Solothurn S18-1100, admits the possibility of firing bursts and in this version is suitable for use as anti-aircraft gun.

    anti-tank gun solothurn s18-100

    Solothurn S18-100
    When using the


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