Assault rifle (automatic) Heckler & Koch HK 33 series

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & amp ; koch hk Series 33
    HK 33A2

    In the second half of the 1960s by the German company Heckler & Koch has created a new assault rifle (automatic) HK 33, which were introduced in 1968.

    33 caliber rifle HK 5.56h45 mm (.223 Rem) developed based on the previously issued by Heckler & Koch G3 automatic caliber 7.62x51 mm (.308 Win) and differs from its predecessor smaller caliber, size and weight.

    In fact

    HK 33 HK G3 is a modification with reduced caliber. Reducing the caliber does not entail any changes in the device state machine. As HK G3 automatic HK 33 is based on the principle of automatic delayed blowback, with a slowdown by a pair of rollers.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & ; amp; koch hk Series 33
    HK 33A3

    Assault rifles HK 33 series are available in several versions:

    < td> Length mm
    HK 33A2 HK 33A3 HK 33KA3
    Caliber, mm 5.56h45 (.223 Rem)
    920 940/735 865/675
    Barrel length mm 390 390 322
    Weight 3.65 3.98 3.89
    Count. cartridges
    25, 30, 40
    Muzzle velocity
    Bullets, m / s
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    100 - 400
    Rate of fire,
    Rds / min

    - HK 33A2 - standard basic version with fixed butt and trigger with the possibility of automatic fire.
    - HK 33A3 - standard version with telescopic butt.
    - HK 33KA3 - carbine, the shortest version of the entire family of HK 33 with a barrel length of 322 mm and with a telescopic butt.
    - HK 33EA2 - option with a trigger with the possibility of shooting with a cutoff of 3 shots. Butt fixed. Letter "E" in the acronym stands for all modifications "export».
    - HK 33EA3 - HK 33EA2 version with telescopic butt.
    - HK 33EKA3 - HK 33KA3 option with the ability to fire off in the 3 shots.

    family of assault rifles (machine) HK33 built under the scheme with automatic delayed blowback, slow opening which is carried by a pair of rollers. To ensure proper extraction in the walls of the chamber are made longitudinal grooves to ensure alignment of gas pressure inside and outside the sleeve to prevent it from inflating in early extraction characteristic schemes delayed blowback.


    stamped receiver attached plugin trigger mechanism assembly with pistol grip and trigger guard. Depending on the various options can be installed USM, including the possibility of firing bursts of 3 shots or without it.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & koch hk Series 33
    HK 33KA3 In

    assault rifle used traditional weapons Heckler & Koch sights - front sight and rear sight drum, is scaled from 100 to 500 meters in distance. If necessary, all machines can be installed HK33 series branded quick fasteners for optical or night sights that do not require modification of weapons or perepristrelki after removing and reinstalling the sight.


    machines HK series 33 shops manned capacity 25 or 40 rounds. Later, they were used to shopping at 25 or 30 rounds, and the release of magazine capacity of 40 rounds was discontinued.

    butt can be fixed made of plastic (with index pattern A2) of sliding of the metal or rubber butt pad (with index modification A3).

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & ; amp; koch hk Series 33
    HK 33EA2
    With an installed grenade launcher
    At full

    machines can be installed HK33 40mm grenade launcher and a bayonet. Also provided with the barrel rifles firing rifle grenades opportunity.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & koch hk Series 33
    HK 33EKA3

    Carbines HK 33KA3 have shortened barrel, without the possibility of firing rifle grenades and install 40-mm grenade launcher, but otherwise do not differ from the base model.

    HK 33 was developed as a commercial version of weapons for export and therefore did not adopt the German army, but was adopted by some police forces and security services of Germany.

    HK 33 assault rifle in various versions, was put into service in more than 20 countries and exported widely, including in the United States.

    for the civilian market was launched production of semi-automatic rifles HK 93, which is an analog assault rifle HK 33A2.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & ; amp; koch hk Series 33
    HK 93
    With 40 rounds magazine for

    In the 1970s, on the basis of HK 33 assault rifle were developed shortened automatic HK 53 and HK 13 machine gun.

    Since 1999 NC 33 produced under license in Turkey and flows adopt the Turkish army.


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