Assault rifle (automatic) Heckler & Koch series HK G36

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & koch series hk g36
    HK G36
    Dual optical / dot sight
    And a 40 mm grenade launcher AG36
    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & koch series hk g36
    HK G36K (top)
    HK G36C (below)

    In the early 1990s, the German weapons Concern «Heckler & Koch GmbH» under intra designation "HK Project 50", work has begun on a new assault rifle.

    main purpose of the new rifle caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO was to replace the armament of the German assault rifle HK G3 to a more modern pattern.

    In 1995, a new assault rifle (automatic) under the designation HK G36 was adopted by the Bundeswehr (German army), and in 1999 - by the army in Spain.

    Rifle G36 is significantly different from previous development firm Heckler & Koch, built on the basis of automatic delayed blowback (HK G3, 33, 53 and others), and more resembles that of the American Rifle Armalite AR-18.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & amp ; koch series hk g36
    HK G36C

    G36 is built on the basis of automation with a gas engine with a short stroke gas piston. Butterfly with 7 radial locking lugs, located in the bolt carrier, which moves one guide rod, which is put the return spring. On the upper surface of the bolt cocking handle is protruding from the upper surface of the receiver. In the stowed position the cocking lever arms disposed along the axis and is held in this position by a spring, and for charging can flex in either direction by about 90 degrees. When shooting arm moves with the bolt.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & koch series hk g36
    Partial disassembly HK G36

    trigger mechanism is designed as a single unit with a pistol grip and trigger guard, and attached to the receiver using the cross pins. The trigger mechanism is available in several versions - with or without firing mode off in the 2 or 3 rounds.

    The safety catch - both sides, combined with a translator fire.

    In the rifle was widely used plastic, which is made of many parts and assemblies.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & amp ; koch series hk g36
    HK G36E
    With 1.5x optical sight multiplicity

    Receiver is made of plastic with steel inserts.

    plastic forearm attached to the receiver using the pins, so that partial disassembly is required only chuck or other object suitable for push pins from the holes.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & amp ; koch series hk g36
    HK G36KE

    G36 folding rifle butt sideways, also made of plastic.

    On the upper surface of the receiver is a large carrying handle at the back of which there are sights.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & koch series hk g36
    HK G36KE
    With drum magazine 100 rounds of ammunition All rifles

    family HK G36 equipped with optical sights 3.5 fold increase in infrared and electronic reticle sight and rangefinder. Batteries used for illumination in the dark energy of the radioactive isotope of hydrogen (tritium). Export version of the rifle has only 1.5 fold increase. Grid sight from 200 to 800 meters.

    Food G36 is made from transparent plastic magazine capacity of 30 rounds, with a special attachment for combining stores in "packages" to accelerate recharge. As the receiver stores in G36 is executed in accordance with NATO standards, the rifle can use any standard stores, including stores and double drum Beta-C 100 rounds of ammunition.

    flame arrestor rifle has a standard diameter and can be used for launching rifle grenades.


    rifle G36 can be mounted bayonet or 40-mm grenade launcher production Heckler & Koch.

    HK G36 HK G36K HK G36C
    Caliber, mm 5.56x45 NATO
    Length mm
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed



    Barrel length, mm 480 320 228
    Weight 3.6
    3.3 (G36E)
    3.0 (G36KE)
    store count. cartridges 30, 100
    Muzzle velocity
    Bullets, m / s
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    Sighting range
    Fire, m
    Rate of fire,
    Rds / min

    company Heckler & Koch assault rifle offers HK G36 in a number of configurations:

    - HK G36 - basic version, equipped with two scopes - 3.5x optical magnification and placed over him red-dot sight ("red dot") for use at close range.
    - HK G36K (Kurz) - model with shortened to 320 mm barrel.
    - HK G36C (Compact or Commando) - model with shortened to 228 mm barrel and universal guide type Picatinny Rail for mounting sights all types instead of the carrying handle.
    - HK G36E - export version of the HK G36, different from the base model only 1.5X magnification optical sight.
    - HK G36KE - export version of the HK G36K, different from the base model only 1.5X magnification optical sight.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & amp ; koch series hk g36
    HK MG36

    In addition, based on HK G36 rifle designed machine gun HK MG36 (HK MG36E - export variant), characterized Bole long and heavy barrel and bipod presence. MG36 for regular shops are Beta-C 100 rounds of ammunition, but the standard 30-rounds are also suitable.

    Especially for the civilian market-based automation G36 by Heckler & Koch released self-loading rifle SL-8 kalibra.223 Remington.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & amp ; koch series hk g36

    In Germany and Spain HK G36 assault rifle was adopted by the UK police. Also a significant amount of these rifles were captured by German Kosovar guerrillas "blue helmets" in the Yugoslav crisis in 1999.

    HK G36 is exported to the United States and several other countries to arm law enforcement and military agencies.

    In general assault rifles HK G36 series in the late twentieth century is a first class sample easy and convenient weapon differing good performance in terms of reliability and accuracy.


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