Assault rifle (automatic) Heckler & Koch XM8

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & koch xm8
    XM8 Carbine

    In 2002, the U.S. company Alliant Techsystems (ATK) has received a contract to explore the possibility of creating a more easy and reliable assault rifle than a carbine rifle, M16 and M4.

    development of new weapons, led by ATK, was held U.S. subsidiary company Heckler-Koch (Stirling, Virginia, USA).

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & koch xm8
    In tests

    The result is a modular system XM8 Lightweight Modular Carbine System caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO, in fact, which is a modification of the German assault rifle HK G36.

    new rifle being developed in conjunction with the 5.56-mm cartridges with lightweight composite-plastic sleeve was designed, compared to M16, provide weight savings of weapons by 20%.

    In 2004

    XM8 successfully passed extensive testing in a number of units and the U.S. Armed Forces was recognized promising rifle, earning positive reviews.

    Start a new rifle in mass production is planned for 2006, but for some reason the fall of 2005 XM8 program was closed, and the question of the adoption of a new rifle and was not resolved.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & amp ; koch xm8
    XM8 Carbine

    device automation modular rifle HM8 practically does not differ from the German rifle Heckler & Koch G36, on the basis of which she created.

    HM8 uses the same scheme of automation, as well as HK G36, with a short stroke gas piston, located above the barrel, and the barrel locking rotating bolt having 7 lugs.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & koch xm8
    Core modules Bilateral

    translator - fuse is located above the pistol grip and provides firing single shots and bursts.

    bolt handle is located above the receiver box, type G36, and is available for both hands.

    new weapon was equipped barrel increased survivability (more than 20 000 shots) with 6 right-handed rifling.

    HM8 Trunks - Quick-, three sizes. Depending on the desired configuration using a barrel length:
    - 318 mm - in the version of the rifle (Carbine);
    - 229 mm - in the shortened version of the rifle (Short Carbine) and compact version (Compact / PDW) as a personal weapon crews of combat vehicles;
    - 508 mm - in versions with an assault rifle (Automatic Rifle) and a sniper rifle (Sharpshooter);
    - 508 mm weighted - in the form of light machine gun (LMG).

    Receiver, forend, butt made of durable plastic.

    Instead of the standard forearm

    possible to install a 40 mm grenade launcher XM320 singly with a standard barrel or forearm with integrated bipod with machine-gun barrel. Also worth noting LSS module with pump action shotgun, which set in place the grenade launcher.

    carrying handle - removable and equipped with attachments for different scopes.

    as the main sight is assumed collimator sight of "red dot" battery-powered lighting, also possible to install various other sights.

    Butts - legkosmennye. Considered the main five-way adjustable length telescopic buttstock.

    < / tr> < td> Effective range, m
    XM8 Carbine
    Caliber, mm 5.56x45 NATO
    Length mm (butt decomposed) 838
    Barrel length, mm 318
    Weight 2.59
    store count. cartridges 30
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 820
    Rate of fire / min 750

    Food weapons made from detachable box magazine capacity of 30 rounds, as well as in the embodiment of the machine gun drum cartridge 100 stores. Latch button shop located outside receiver store. Store made of translucent resin.

    Due to the high modularity

    XM8 can be within ten minutes transformed into a compact assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle or light machine gun. Depending on the modules used vary dimensions and weight dimensions weapons.

    addition to the basic version was developed using XM8R on the shank, and a carrying handle guide type Picatinny rail MIL-STD-1913.

    XM8 lighter than the various modifications of the M16 automatic rifle and has a number of advantages: in particular, it is easier to clean and lubricate.

    The cost of one

    XM8, at the time of testing, was estimated at $ 700.

    assault rifle (automatic) heckler & amp ; koch xm8
    In embodiments,


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