Assault rifle (automatic) IMBEL MD-1 / MD-2 / MD-3 / MD-4

    assault rifle ( automatic) imbel md-1 / md-2 / md-3 / md-4
    IMBEL MD-2

    In 1982, the Brazilian company IMBEL (Industria de Materiel Belico do Brasil) was started to develop a new assault rifle, chambered for 5.56x45 mm NATO caliber.

    In 1983 there were the first prototypes of the rifle under the designation MD-1.

    In 1985 a new rifle, already under the designation MD-2, was adopted by the Brazilian Army and started its mass production.

    assault rifle (automatic) imbel md-1 / md-2 / md-3 / md-4

    Rifle IMBEL MD-2 is designed on the basis IMBEL LAR rifle 7.62mm NATO, is a licensed copy of the Belgian rifle FN FAL.

    IMBEL MD-2 is based on automation with a gas engine.

    Locking barrel by turning the bolt, similar in design to the gate of M16.

    gas engine has a gas regulator, which allows completely block the gas outlet for launching rifle grenades, which rifle equipped with a standard flash hider muzzle compensator.

    Caliber, mm 5.56x45 ( .223 Rem)
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed

    Barrel length, mm 453
    Weight empty kg. 4.4
    store count. cartridges 20, 30
    Muzzle velocity
    Bullets, m / s
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    Rds / min
    700 - 750

    Box trigger mechanism made a single module with a pistol grip and is hinged to the receiver. When disassembling the trigger box with a pistol grip "fold" down and forward, opening up access to the trigger and bolt group.

    assault rifle IMBEL can lead single or automatic fire.

    Receiver rifle stamped from steel and is similar in design FN FAL.

    Sights include fly and sight adjustment direction.

    Food rifle ammunition is made from stores that are compatible with shops used in American M16 rifles.

    IMBEL MD-2 is provided with a skeleton, side-folding, metal butt.

    rifle can be fitted with bayonet and bipod.

    The area is the center of mass rifle foldable handle for carrying weapons.

    In the base case

    MD-2, now IMBEL models were developed:
    - IMBEL MD-3 - than the base model only clumsy plastic butt;
    - IMBEL MD-4 - than the base model is slightly shorter barrel and the presence of the receiver further guide type Picatinny.

    Also, especially for police and civilian market options available semiautomatic rifles MD-2A1 and MD-3A1.

    assault rifle (automatic) imbel md-1 / md-2 / md-3 / md-4
    IMBEL MD-2, MD-3, MD-4


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