Assault rifle (automatic) INSAS / KALANTAK / MINSAS

    assault rifle (automatic) insas / kalantak / minsas

    In 1981, the Indian state-owned company "Indian State Ordnance Factory Board" was launched to develop a system of small arms INSAS (INSAS - Indian Small Arms System - Indian small arms system) consisting of an assault rifle (automatic), the rifle and light machine gun with a high degree of interchangeability of mechanisms.

    assault rifle (automatic) insas / kalantak / minsas
    Early version with wooden furniture

    Automatic (assault rifle) INSAS was designed to replace, in the arsenal of India's aging Russian assault rifle L1A1, which is a slightly modernized replica rifle FN FAL Belgian design.

    first copy machine caliber 5.56x45 mm INSAS was released in 1986, and full-scale production began in late 1998 in the state arsenal in Ikchapur (West Bengal). Mass flow of arms INSAS system adopted was delayed due to the lack of its own in India production of cartridges 5.56 mm, so that the Indians had to buy bullets from Israel IMI.

    Assault rifle (automatic) INSAS is available in two versions: with a constant (fixed) and a folding stock.

    assault rifle (automatic) insas / kalantak / minsas
    With fixed and folding stock

    INSAS series is based on the design of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, includes a number of elements borrowed from the Soviet machine and helpful in many ways even look similar to him, but has a number of significant changes.

    Design stamped steel receiver, bolt lock with a rotating bolt, gas operated mechanism generally similar to those nodes Kalashnikov assault rifle, but in gas-node introduced gas regulator type rifles FN FAL, further allowing completely block gas discharge path for launching rifle grenades.

    charging handle is on the fore-end, on the left side of weapons, like the rifle HK G3.

    trigger mechanism allows two modes of fire - single shots and bursts with a cutoff of 3 shots.

    assault rifle (automatic) insas / kalantak / minsas
    INSAS Excalibur

    Fuse-translator fire mode is located on the left of the receiver, above the trigger guard.

    Muzzle compensator

    - arrester is designed in such a way that can be used to run from the barrel rifle grenades.

    Sights consist of sight and a diopter rear sight. Fly moved to block gas operated, rocker diopter rear sight moved to the back of the receiver. In addition to the receiver installed additional bracing for the use of optical and night sights.

    Shops made of transparent plastic, allowing patrons to control balance. Stores are full-time capacity of 20 rounds, interchangeable with shops for machine guns INSAS capacity of 30 rounds.

    forend, pistol grip and fixed stock - plastic (wood on early models).

    In the embodiment with folding stock - metal butt, skeletal structure, folding sideways. Folding stock on a design similar to the butt of a rifle FN FAL.

    INSAS bayonet completed, it can be mounted grenade launcher.

    assault rifle (automatic) insas / kalantak / minsas
    With constant and folding stock
    And with a grenade launcher mounted
    assault rifle (automatic) insas / kalantak / minsas

    After adopting INSAS machines used by the Indian army against the separatists in Kashmir, as well as fighting against Pakistan in Kargil.

    According to some reviews, automatic maloudovletvoritelnym helpful because only can fire bursts of three rounds, while the military after the Kargil stated the need to get a machine having a continuous fire mode. The machine also will be too heavy for use in the mountains, although its weight was less than that of, for example, Lee-Enfield rifle.

    Based automaton (assault rifle) have been developed and all components of the system INSAS which includes:

    assault rifle (automatic) insas / kalantak / minsas

    - INSAS AR - basic version with an assault rifle (automatic).
    - INSAS Excalibur - rifle designed for special operations forces. Carbine shorter and lighter version of the base assault rifle INSAS. The trigger mechanism allows two modes of fire - single and automatic (bursts of arbitrary length). On the lid of the receiver installed rail-type Ricatinny allowing attachment of various sights. Food is made from weapons magazine capacity of 20 or 30 rounds. Butt - fixed or folding.
    - INSAS LMG - a light machine gun.
    - KALANTAK - a shortened version of the rifle INSAS Excalibur.
    - MINSAS - shortened and lightened carbine caliber 5.56x30 mm. Carbine handguard has changed form, identical folding butt butt AKS-47. Food box magazine capacity of 30 rounds.

    assault rifle (automatic) insas / kalantak / minsas
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed





    Barrel length, mm 464 400 535 330 330
    Weight кг4.
    Эффективная range
    Fire, m
    400 300 700 250 200
    Rate of fire,
    Магазин, count. cartridges 20, 30 30


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