Assault rifle (automatic) Interdynamics MKR


    1970s were pretty rough stage in the development of the army of small arms. In the United States actively conducted for a variety of development programs promising small arms, NATO preparing for trials designed to determine the new single infantry ammunition, the Soviet Union also began to translate its armed forces on reduced-caliber cartridge.

    assault rifle (automatic) interdynamics mkr
    Interdynamic MKS

    At the same time the Swedish company has developed Interdynamic AB's not a normal rifle chambered Interdynamic MKS 5.56h45 mm. In an attempt to reduce the size of weapons while maintaining combat effectiveness of a given firm's chief designer, George Kellgren posted a shop instead of the pistol grip, giving the rifle kind edakogo Uzi-overgrown. However, tests have shown this rifle, it is not too easy to handle, and to achieve real benefits, a new approach was needed.

    new approach became mikrokalibernye ammunition. Initially, the company experimented with rocket Interdynamic caliber bullets about 4.5 mm, while for the initial acceleration of missile bullets RAP (Rocket-assisted projectile) used modified caliber cartridge casings from the ring vosplameneniya.22 LR (5,6 x16R). However, missile bullets showed themselves well enough, but the transition to a larger sleeve chuck ring vosplameneniya.22 WMR (Winchester Magnum rimfire) in combination with a conventional bullet promised good results, both due to the low specific weight of the liner (compared to conventional sleeve chuck central battle), and by a decent ballistics.

    assault rifle (automatic) interdynamics mkr
    Cartridge 4.5h26 R
    Schematic drawing After a series of experiments

    Interdynamic company has developed a new cartridge rimfire caliber 4,5 mm. The new cartridge equipped with heatsinks pointed bullet large elongation, which had a good ballistics and high penetrating ability. In addition, high elongation contributed to her tumbling bullets on target, potentially increased knockdown. WMR patrona.22 sleeve itself has undergone changes in form - it has become a biconical, so that patrons could fit snugly in the store without the danger of large curvature coupling projecting flanges. Chuck, who had a metric designation 4.5h26R, clocked a bullet weighing 1.6 grams up to 1000 meters per second, with a total weight of less than 4 gram cartridge.

    Under the new cartridge was developed a number of shops, but the most successful was the horn-row store with more twists, is actually a semi-circle (or half disk store). This store, made of plastic, had very little of their own weight (about 50 grams) and could accommodate 50 rounds. It was assumed that these stores will be disposable and equip oneself in the factory.

    Having finished cartridge and store, the company has begun to develop Interdynamic compact rifle, dubbed Interdynamic MKR.

    assault rifle (automatic) interdynamics mkr
    Interdynamic MKR

    The design of MKR based on the idea of using gun barrel as the carrier element of the whole system, in conjunction with the bullpup layout and full dvustronnostyu weapons.

    To ensure proper function was selected automatic hard skewed barrel locking bolt down, and use to recharge the energy of powder gases. Gases are discharged from the barrel through the cross hole in the gas chamber, located above the barrel, which worked on the bolt connected to the gas piston with a long stroke.

    To allow convenient use of weapons, both the left and right shoulder, cocking lever was located on top of the plastic housing arms and levers fuse interpreter modes of fire were duplicated on both sides of the arms.

    Caliber, mm 4.5x26 R
    Length mm 840
    Barrel length, mm 600
    Weight without magazine, kg 2.8
    store count. cartridges 50
    Muzzle velocity
    Bullets, m / s
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    Rate of fire,
    Rds / min
    900 - 1400

    Release of spent cartridges was carried down through the channel in the butt, located directly behind the store. This solution eliminates the use of a shop located just behind the traditional firing mechanism, and because shooting MKR in all modes was conducted with an open shutter. It should be noted that due to the low weight of the moving parts is a solution to almost no negative impact on accuracy as single shots and bursts. To ensure proper extraction in all conditions with a relatively weak rim of the cartridge chamber rifles had an increased diameter, which resulted in a partial shot podduvaniyu sleeve, but at the same time and provides an effect similar to that given by grooves Revelli.

    new rifle has been very light and "razvorotistoy" - with loaded 50 rounds magazine, she weighed about 3 pounds and had a length of 84 centimeters, providing an effective range of up to 300-400 meters and confidently punching standard steel army helmet at a distance of 300 meters .

    Based Interdynamic MKR rifle was developed shortened carbine differed only in their lesser barrel length, and were in the process of developing a rotary machine gun or sectoral magazine capacity of 200 rounds of ammunition and a compact defense weapon, use standard rifle from stores capacity of 50 rounds. < / p> Last

    sample and the remaining paper, a member of a family of 4.5 mm weapons Interdynamic, was a submachine gun (weapon of self-defense troops) Interdynamic MPR. This pattern was to retain the basic vapor-automatic rifles and carbines, but the fire had to be conducted with a closed gate, single shots and bursts. To reduce the overall length of arms 50-round magazine from the rifle had adjoins the arms horizontally to the left. Probably, for this sample could be developed and more compact stores smaller capacity. Submachine gun Interdynamic MPR had to be completed without a folding stock and store weigh no more than 1 kilogram.

    However, despite the successful design, MKR rifle had little prospects, especially in light of the adoption by NATO in 1979 5.56h45 mm cartridge as a new uniform standard.


    on the border of the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century, this rifle hastily converted into a cartridge 5.56h45, retaining all the features of the device, but the increasing size and weight of the bolt group, and taking as a base stores from M16. In this configuration the rifle Interdynamic MKR represented is much less interest to potential buyers - weight shutter led to deterioration of the accuracy of shooting from the rear sear higher yield cartridge 5.56 mm compared to 4.5 mm caliber cartridge also led to a deterioration in accuracy of fire bursts.

    As a result

    project MKR assault rifle was closed and the company moved to release Interdynamic civilian products.


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