Assault rifle (automatic) Interdynamics MKS

    assault rifle (automatic) interdynamics mks
    Interdynamics MKS
    Butt decomposed

    In the mid 1970s Swedish company Interdynamics AB released not a normal assault rifle (automatic) with the designation MKS, chambered 5.56h45 mm NATO.

    In an attempt to reduce the dimensions of a given weapon while maintaining the combat effectiveness of the chief designer of the company Interdynamics AB - George Kellgren posted receiver store fire in the control arm, giving the rifle-like appearance enlarged version of the Israeli submachine gun Uzi.

    assault rifle (automatic) interdynamics mks
    Interdynamics MKS
    Partial disassembly Structurally

    rifle Interdynamics MKS created using relatively traditional technologies and built on vapor automation scheme.

    Vapor unit has a gas regulator, which allows to vary the rate of fire weapons and adapt to changing operating conditions. Locking barrel by turning the bolt for breech, 6 lugs. Fires from a closed bolt.

    Arm cocking is on top of the receiver and is equally comfortable for both hands.

    Receiver and the entire body of the rifle made of heat-resistant thin sheet steel.

    Sights include fly and changeover diopter rear sight with the settings on the firing range of 250 and 400 meters.

    Butt metal, skeletal structure, folding sideways-right. When folded buttstock allowed to use it as a back plate to hold the front handle second hand weapons.

    rifle can be equipped with bayonet.

    Food weapons made from detachable magazine capacity of 30 rounds.

    assault rifle (automatic) interdynamics mks
    Carbine Interdynamics MKS
    With a shortened barrel and folded butt

    done using relatively traditional technologies Interdynamics MKS rifle but with unconventional weapons for this class layout - as the pistol grip fire control used filler store. Such a solution to reduce the length of the weapon compared to traditional weapons layout.

    Overall Interdynamics MKS assault rifle was compact with small dimensions and low weight rather for this class of weapon.

    However tests have shown that a new weapon awkward to handle due to the considerable width of the store chambered 5.56h45 mm, prevents normal retention rifle.

    As a result

    assault rifle Interdynamics MKS, as created on the basis of its shorter carbine, success has not been in mass production has not arrived.

    assault rifle (automatic) interdynamics mks
    scheme carbine
    Interdynamics MKS
    < / tr> < td> 868/634
    Rifle MKS Carbine MKS
    Caliber, mm 5.56h45 NATO
    Length (stock decomposed / complex) mm 751/517
    Barrel length, mm 467 350
    Weight 2.75 2.36
    store count. cartridges 30
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 975 925
    Effective range, m 400 300
    rds / min 750 - 1100


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