Assault rifle (automatic) Knight's Armament SR-47

    assault rifle (automatic) knight's armament sr- 47


    In response to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States by the U.S. government began a military operation "Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan.

    During autonomous operations in the mountains of Afghanistan U.S. Special Forces are faced with a shortage of ammunition and wearable main way to resupply ammo could become trophies - provided that ammunition and weapons stores in the commandos and their opponents are compatible. As the main weapon of Afghans became Soviet 7.62-mm Kalashnikov assault rifles produced in many different countries (USSR, China, Pakistan, etc), then the Americans had to think about for your SWAT weapons, the ability to use cartridges and shops from AK model of 1947 and AKM. As a result, the Special Operations Forces Command United States (USSOCOM - United States Special Operations Command) has issued an order to develop a new assault rifle (automatic) for the needs of special forces.

    assault rifle (automatic) knight's armament sr-47

    American company «Knight's Armament» hastily created such an assault rifle, designated SR-47, the first examples of which were in Afghanistan in March 2002.

    Automatic SR-47 is a modification of the carbine M4A1, which in turn, in fact, is lightweight, and a miniature copy of the M16A2 assault rifle developed by Eugene Stoner famous designer (Eugene Stoner). Thus the main feature of the new weapon was the use of it Soviet 7.62x39 mm ammunition arr. 1943 of the shops from AK-47 (AKM). These two points and were reflected in the name of the machine SR-47 (Stoner Rifle, 47).

    Structurally similar to SR-47 carbine M4A1. Automation based on a gas engine and working mechanisms are identical. Disassembly and assembly are produced in the same manner.

    However due to the use of a new cartridge and store weapons has undergone some changes, especially the barrel and chamber, designed for cartridge 7,62 x39 mm.

    also been newly designed reception neck, representing polushahtu, not mine, as in the M4A1, which can be inserted into the store from Kalashnikov AK and AKM. Reception neck has a lock and a special spring that after pressing the release button pops out of the machine shop down that accelerates the process of changing a few shops.

    assault rifle (automatic) knight's armament sr-47

    With fixed bipod

    Forearm weapon system equipped with RIS (Rail Interface System - interface system guides) having four Picatinny type rails for mounting various accessories (LCC, a grenade launcher, pen, etc).

    Caliber, mm 7.62x39
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed

    Barrel length, mm 370
    Weight empty, kg 2.5
    store count. cartridges 30
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 710

    Removable sights set on the top rail forend and receiver.

    The barrel is possible to install the unit reducing sound of a shot or bayonet-knife.

    Telescopic retractable buttstock, the construction is similar to the M4A1 rifle butt.

    Creating hybrid SR-47 has allowed the U.S. military to maintain their traditional weapons controls, methods of use and maintenance, with the possibility of using 7.62x39 mm ammunition and stores from the AK and AKM. Compared with the standard M4A1 carbine, automatic SR-47 showed greater efficiency as 7.62 mm cartridge provides increased stopping power and a killer, and compared with an AK-47 - from the use of more accurate design M4 carbine. However, SR-47, as well as his "predecessors" M16 and M4, had serious problems with the reliability and rapid pollution (especially when using dirty cartridges), much inferior to these indicators AK and AKM.

    Assault Rifle SR-47 on U.S. arms and was not accepted into production is not running, and the total number of issued samples did not exceed a dozen machines (according to different sources 6 or 7 pieces).

    assault rifle (automatic) knight's armament sr-47

    With the optional handle and muffler


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