Assault rifle (automatic) L1A1

    assault rifle (automatic) l1a1

    In early 1950s England, under strong pressure from overseas partners, implemented a range of new community "ammo weapon" in favor of the American patron T65 (soon to be standardized in NATO - 7,62 x51 mm). Having examined a number of samples of automatic (assault) rifles designed for this cartridge, the British senior military leadership came to the conclusion that the Belgian FN FAL rifle most fully responsible for its tactical and technical characteristics challenges facing such weapons.

    In 1954-1957 years in the UK military tests were two versions of the rifle FN FAL: H8E1 with open sights and H8E2 - with optical. Trunks both rifles had no flame arresters.


    adoption of a new rifle in the UK in particular there was a question about the choice for the army of semi-automatic or automatic options. The results of tests it was considered appropriate to have only automatic rifle.

    assault rifle (automatic) l1a1
    L1A1 equipped with night sight;
    With plastic forearm, stock and pistol grip;
    And arrestor

    In this issue to the arguments against the automatic option (primarily low accuracy when firing FN FAL continuous fire because of the rather large dispersion) and added another peculiarity of the British mentality. In this case, found ample, if a trained shooter can make a rifle for a minute 20 aimed shots difference of distance for several purposes. Victory in these trials won H8E5 upgraded model with open sights.

    However, during her subsequent tests the British were forced to subject rifle, get the index H14E1, some refinement. So powerful was introduced (American type) slit-shaped flash suppressor. Has undergone some changes and gate design - on the walls of its stem were stamped longitudinal grooves that serve as gryazesbornikov. They made deep enough so that a significant amount of foreign particles of dirt, sand and dust can collect in them without exerting special influence on the stable operation of the automation in adverse conditions. Cocking lever mounted on the left side of the receiver that allows you to not take your right hand off the trigger when manually operated. Cocking lever and carrying handle folded when not in use, thereby reducing the opportunity to catch a rifle on objects and, consequently, increased the safety of her. In order to reduce the cost, stock, pistol grip and handguard steel produced from fiberglass reinforced plastic.

    As a result

    March 1, 1957 by the British Army entered the self-loading option FN FAL, known under the designation "7.62mm rifle L1A1».

    Automatic rifle works by removal of powder gases from the bore hole through the cross. Locking by tilting the sliding bolt down in the vertical plane. Trigger trigger, with a separate compression spring and rotary hammer. To exclude a shot at the unlocked gate trigger has self-timer.

    trunk had 6 right-rifling pitch 305 mm.

    assault rifle (automatic) l1a1
    butt pad
    FN FAL (top) and L1A1 (below) For

    L1A1 rifles were four types of butt pad of different lengths, allowing the weapon to fit individually for each soldier.

    The peculiarities of the English sample applied and no slide stop. If necessary, the shutter can be folded into the open position manually.

    In the 1960s British gunsmiths again upgraded its version of the rifle. So, for the shooting of the steel used new L1A1 rifle grenades, in which there was a trap liners for bullets, is a series of metal and plastic inserts. Such a design provides throwing grenades directly with live ammunition. Thus was excluded the necessity of special grenade blank cartridges provided initially.

    To illuminate

    flies at dusk and dark L1A1 rifle used radioactive source lighting Betalight, made in the form vials inserted into the front sight base. This point of light, visible only to the arrow that allowed him to combine the highlighted fly with clearly visible target. Lights fly has raised the efficiency of fire at dusk on 80%.

    In 1974, for L1A1 was developed and a special 4-fold night sight SUIT (Sight Unit Infantry Trilux), designed for shooting at distances up to 600 m When aiming rubber eyecup fully excluded from entering the eye of the shooter external lighting. In the focal plane of sight instead of the standard crosshair reticle shooter seen enough significant that it can not be confused with any object, and not so large that they obscure the target. Make lights red radioactive tritium source (Trilux), does not require external power. Backlight intensity regulated handwheel located on the body of the sight SUIT.

    assault rifle (automatic) l1a1
    L1A1 with an optical sight SUIT

    L1A1 was the British Army for almost thirty years, was used in many wars and armed conflicts around the world, including the Vietnam War and the Falklands. Replaced subsequently assault rifle SA80.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    Length mm 1143
    Barrel length, mm 554
    Weight empty kg. 4.3
    store count. cartridges 20
    Muzzle velocity
    Bullets, m / s
    Effective range
    Fire, m

    L1A1 is one of the classic designs, the armament of many armies in the world. Adoption rifle FN FAL British Army adopted a truly helped her triumphal march around the world, as most of the 80 states that have started to produce or procure a weapon in his time were colonies or Dominions of the British Empire, and then saved enough close ties with the former colonial within the British Commonwealth. And for all their independence, they still keep alignment, including in the military sphere, the UK, possibly using at achieving its military science and technology. This explains that the main distribution rifle FN FAL / L1A1 received in the "Third World».

    copy L1A1 IA SL under the designation made by the Indian arsenal in Ishapure. From the British model, it distinguishes butt configuration resembling butt magazine rifle Enfield № 1 MkIII.

    In England

    State arsenal RSAF (Royal Small Arms Factory) produced in the years 1958-1975 more than one million, and the company BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) in 1958-1964 years - about 150 thousand rifles L1A1.

    assault rifle (automatic) l1a1
    L1A1 with an optical sight SUIT


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