Assault rifle (automatic) LAPA FA 03

    assault rifle (automatic) lapa fa 03
    LAPA FA 03

    Assault Rifle FA modelo 03 ("automatic rifle model 03") developed by Brazilian firm LAPA (Laboratorio de Pesquisa de Armamento Automatico - Laboratory design of automatic weapons), located in Rio de Janeiro, under the leadership of designer nelma Suzano (Nelmo Suzano ).

    assault rifle (automatic) lapa fa 03
    LAPA FA 03

    Work on the new, forward-looking rifle, designed to replace the 7.62-mm automatic rifle IMBEL LAR (produced in Brazil under license from the Belgian FN FAL rifle development) were initiated by LAPA in 1978. The prototype appeared in about a year. His promising characteristics pushed designers to build another prototype that was tested at the site of ground forces of Brazil "Maramba". First prototypes began to be tested in 1983.

    planned that Adopt the Brazilian Army new rifle could happen in 1985. However, for various reasons, the Brazilian military preferred to adopt a rifle IMBEL MD-2, which had a more traditional design and similar in dealing with the already familiar to Brazilians 7.62mm rifle LAR / FAL. As a result of the choice made in favor IMBEL MD-2 is a 1988 Rifle LAPA FA modelo 03 completely disappeared from the scene.

    Compact Assault Rifle LAPA FA 03 is formed on a "Bullpup" with extensive use of durable plastic.

    rifle has a traditional vapor-automatic.

    Locking by turning the bolt.

    cocking handle is situated on the upper side of the receiver, a carrying handle. Moreover, the rigidity of the cocking lever fastening is increased due to the fact that its upper portion moves along the cutout on the underside of the carrying handle.

    Caliber, mm 5.56x45
    Length mm 738
    Barrel length, mm 490
    Weight empty kg. 3.5
    store count. cartridges 20, 30
    Muzzle velocity
    Bullets, m / s
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    Rds / min

    trigger mechanism has some innovations. USM has two modes - normal and self-cocking. In the self-cocking mode weapon worn with a cartridge in the chamber and off guard. At the same time the trigger was in a deflated condition, which excluded random shots, and to open fire only required to pull the trigger. In this first platoon, and then pulls the trigger that allows rapid opening fire at a fairly long working stroke of the trigger. In normal mode, when chambering a cartridge in the barrel remained cocked trigger, and could be locked in this position fuse. At the same time to open fire had to turn off the fuse, and then the shot was made with little effort on the downhill course and a small hook, which increased accuracy, especially single shots. In both modes the trigger could be used as weapons between single and automatic fire, wherein, in the fire in bursts samovzvodom used only for the first shot in the queue, then the cocking lever and down automatically. Thus, ensure safety when carrying the rifle at the same time out of it, you can open fire at any time, but it will require more effort on the trigger, and his move to increase.

    Flag translator fire mode is left between the receiver store and butt plate. It has three positions to select fire - "1", "3", "30", and two selection steps for setting trigger - «DA» and «SA». "1" means a single fire, "3" - fixed line for three shots, "30" - continuous fire. Before or after the shooter establishes a charging box at any position. If the fire is opened immediately check is set to «SA» (single action), the driving force is small and the stroke of the trigger - short. In this case, the accuracy of fire. Position «DA» (double-acting DA mode) is used after the shooting or if the rifle for a while not being fire.

    Barrel LAPA FA 03 is calculated under the cartridge of 5.56mm.

    On the barrel is attached flash suppressor compensator.


    carrying handle mounted diopter sight with two settings - range of 200 and 400 m, which is regulated by the horizontal. Protected front sight mounted on the A-shaped base that matches the configuration of the rifle with a "linear impact." Length sighting - 370 mm.

    assault rifle (automatic) lapa fa 03
    LAPA FA 03

    Lodge (building) rifle - one piece and is made of impact-resistant plastic.

    Food weapons carried out by the American pie shops M16 capacity of 20, 30 rounds.

    Shop inserted into the slot formed in the butt. To remove the magazine, press the latch mounted behind him.

    window to eject spent cartridges has a spring-loaded cover that opens when cocking and shooting. Box can be placed on the right or left side.

    rifle could be equipped with a detachable bayonet.


    LAPA FA 03 in the following order:
    1. Remove the magazine and make sure that no cartridge in the chamber.
    2. Push pin and remove the backplate right recoil pad with recoil spring and guide her.
    3. Right to nominate a connecting bolt, mounted at the rear of the pistol grip.
    4. Disconnect housing rifle into two parts. The lower part, except slot store, pistol grip and hand guard, contains a trigger mechanism, which provided access for lubricating and cleaning. Further disassembly of the group is not required.
    5. Pull the cocking lever back and remove the top plastic cover - it opens access to the trunk and hatch assembly.
    6. Unscrew the cover tubular metal receiver and remove the bolt from the bolt. Disconnect the gas piston and rod.


    rifle in reverse order.

    Total, according to various sources, was issued to 500 copies with an assault rifle LAPA FA 03, part of which is used by special units of the Brazilian police.

    assault rifle (automatic) lapa fa 03
    LAPA FA 03


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