Assault rifle (automatic) Mauser Gerat 06 / Mkb. 43 (M) / Stg. 45 (M)

    assault rifle (automatic) mauser ger ä 06 t / mkb. 43 (m) / stg. 45 (m)
    Stg. 45 (M)

    Works to develop a new assault rifle under the intermediate cartridge 7,92 x33 Kurz, along with German companies «Haenel» and «Walther», in 1939, were initiated and the company «Mauser Werke». Led development engineer at Mauser - Forgrimler Ludwig (Ludwig Vorgrimler), and the project was codenamed «Gerat 06" ("The device 06»).

    assault rifle (automatic) mauser ger & # 228; t 06 / mkb. 43 (m) / stg. 45 (m)
    Mauser Gerat 06

    spring 1943, a new automatic rifle successfully passed factory tests (produced 6000 rounds without any delay) and the company has received from the Office of Mauser Wehrmacht order 4 prototypes destined for ground tests. This order was carried out only in early 1944, after which the rifle, designated Mkb. 43 (M), were tested in the research center in Kummersdorf. In late 1944, tests were successfully completed.

    assault rifle (automatic) mauser ger ä t 06 / mkb. 43 ( m) / stg. 45 (m)
    Stg. 45 (M)

    In early 1945, a new infantry weapon received official designation Sturmgewehr 45 (Stg. 45) and Mauser company received an official order for its production. However, Nazi Germany surrendered before able to start mass production of this machine.

    Initially, a new sample was used automatic weapons scheme with automatic vapor and rigid barrel locking with a pair of rollers, the type of machine gun MG 42. This scheme is also used in the postwar period in several experimental machines in different countries, but in all cases not caught due to excessive complexity. As a result, employees of the analytical department of Mauser developed a scheme with automatic delayed blowback, using a pair of rollers for its inhibition in the initial period of the shot.

    Along with the extensive use of stamped parts and the use of electric point, the failure of the exhaust system is quite complex has reduced the complexity of manufacturing a rifle Stg. 45 (M) up to 7.5 hours, and the cost to 40 Reichsmark. For comparison, the first German machine serial Stg. 44 these figures were respectively 14 and 70.

    Caliber, mm 7.92x33 Kurz
    Length mm 900
    Barrel length, mm 400
    Weight empty, kg 3.7
    store count. cartridges 10, 30
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 685
    Effective range, m 300
    rds / min 350 - 450

    Automatic Stg. 45 (M) was built on the basis of automatic delayed blowback. Slowing the shutter opening by using a pair of rollers located between the relatively easy battle bot shutter speed and massive body. At the moment of firing the bolt body under pressure of the return spring is in the forward position, and its front beveled portion displaces rollers gate out into the slots in the sleeve bore. At the moment of the shot under pressure of powder gases at the bottom of the sleeve combat larva starts moving backwards, dragging mounted therein a pair of rollers. Thus due to the configuration of the slots in the sleeve barrel rolls as it pressed into the valve, acting on a beveled front part of the bolt body and thereby forcing it to move backwards relative to combat the larvae. Due to the greater mass of the bolt body and the relevant configuration details in the initial moment of firing combat larva moves slowly enough, and most of the work is powder gases to disperse a massive bolt body. Rollers completely "cleaned" to the gate only to the moment when the pressure in the bore drops to a safe value. After that time, all slide group (larva and the bolt body) move back as a unit, removing the spent case and on the way back feeding into the trunk a new cartridge.

    trigger - trigger provides firing single shots and bursts.

    assault rifle (automatic) mauser ger ä t 06 / mkb. 43 ( m) / stg. 45 (m)
    Stg. 45 (M)
    Partial disassembly

    Located on the left side of the receiver switch firing modes simultaneously and perform the safety function.

    the left side and was the bolt handle.

    Sights provide firing at a range of up to 600 m

    Receiver Stg. 45 is made of stamped steel components using a wide welding.

    wooden butt, made by so-called linear scheme, which recoil forces act on the shoulder shooter linearly decreasing toss barrel. In such a scheme have to lift the sights above the barrel, which, combined with a fairly long magazine for 30 rounds significantly increases the profile arrow is fired from a prone position. Therefore, especially for Stg. 45 except regular stores 30 rounds have been developed and shortened 10-round magazine.

    After World War II, one of the founders of Stg. 45 - Ludwig Forgrimler fled to France, and then, in the early 1950s he moved to Spain, where the Spanish state-owned company CETMO brought his design to production.


    most famous "descendant" Mauzerovskogo "06 Device" became a family of small arms of the German firm Heckler & Koch, including the automatic (assault) rifle HK G3, submachine gun HK MP5 and a number of images.


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